This year, the world’s biggest genre Hip Hop celebrates 50 years, which means we are celebrating all year!

Insert Rap Snacks, who have taken it upon themselves to highlight black culture and HBCU’s in the most innovative way. The black-owned company is best known for their endless variety of flavors, offering chips, noodles, and merch while partnering with some of music’s biggest names. From Cardi B and Migos to Lil Boosie and Rick Ross, the partnerships have yielded Rap Snacks to be the most visible hip-hop geared snacks over the past few decades. 

On Friday, March 31st, Rap Snacks partnered up with the distribution label OneRPM to debut Rap Snacks Unsigned, geared specifically towards helping independent artists gain the exposure and marketing budget they need to take their music careers to the next level. The Unsigned Competition was held in Atlanta, where one artist took home the trophy as the official Rap Snacks Unsigned Artist, receiving a full distribution campaign and a digital Rap Snacks bag. 

Additionally, Rap Snacks serves as the Title Sponsor of the inaugural HBCU Auxiliary and Dance Directors Association National Conference, debuting the second installment of Rap Snacks Symphony with Clark Atlanta University. The series was made to help create unity within the black community, by honoring and highlighting HBCU bands worldwide.

Photo Credits: King Lee Photography