When your future is bright you have to block out all the shade. Rapper, Ivy Shades is doing just that with her new head turning single, “Photo” and her own luxury eyewear collection. She’s flooding our senses with dope visuals that will leave us wanting more.

Her artistic direction and creative expression make her a stand out star. Ivy Shades is paving her own lane with her out of the box thinking. Instead of endorsing other labels she has created her own collection. Ivy Shades is a star to watch. Here’s what she told us about her career, creative expression, new eyewear collection and much more:

Did you work with a stylist for the “Photo” video? What was the creative process like for this visual? 

Yes, I did. I worked with two designers: Jennifer Taylor and Miss Gwen, both out of Houston, TX.  I sketched out my designs and told them exactly what I wanted. I knew what colors I wanted to wear and I wanted people to see my wild yet artistic side. 

How did you get into the designer eyewear business and how has your business evolved since the pandemic?

I used to buy designer shades but I always wished it had more elements to it. I couldn’t get everything that I wanted in the designer shades. So I started buying material to make what I wanted and then people started asking to buy them at my shows after a performance. I knew if they bought them right off my face then I could definitely put out a collection to get the world to tap in. 

photo by Divinci Roshon

Your new single “Photo” has a very commercial sound. Was that your intention and what does your process for songwriting typically look like? 

The “Photo” sound was definitely intentional. I’d just got my first pair of red-bottom shoes and went to the studio and started freestyling about how excited I was. I knew I wanted the tempo to be 102 and I was in one of my moods so it just came to me. If it’s not that type of day to me where I feel inspired by life, it’s all about the track. I can vibe and freestyle over a track and keep going until I get enough to finish the record, cut out the parts that don’t work.  For me, it’s all about having a track I can vibe to. 

You’ve certainly faced some challenges as an entrepreneur and an artist. What is one piece of advice you’d give to our readers?

I would say from my heart, to never give up. Always believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter if 400 people told you no, as long as you tell yourself YES; you’re gonna get there.

What can we look forward to next from Ivy Shades and how can our readers follow your journey?

I definitely plan to release another single this year and a new collection of shades is definitely coming. Right now, my goal is to get my music on the charts and keep giving my fans great shades and something to jam to. Make a reel or tiktok to my “Photo” video and tag me so I can repost, stream and download the single, and keep in touch with me on social media as @IvyShades and my website at

photo by Mark Gunter

Ivy Shades is a rising star who is keeping our heads turned with every new direction that she makes. Her style, swag and musical talent will take her beyond where our eyes can see. Keep her on your radar as she gives us more uniqueness, creativity and genuine appeal.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, social worker, educator and lover of all things literary related.  Follow her online as @curls_coils.  

Featured Image by Juan Gonzales