Rapper J Diamondz hails from the South Bronx, NYC born to Jamaican parents he was exposed to the multicultural sounds of Hip Hop and Dancehall music from artists like Biggie Smalls, Wu Tang Clan, Bounty Killer, 2 Pac, Busta Rhymes and many others. J Diamondz learned how to master the stage and captivate his fans with his hype energy, energetic bars, and engaging performances!  J Diamondz has accrued not only a fanbase in the United States but his music has taken him International, performing overseas in Paris, Dubai, Japan, China, and London.Now, a seasoned artist at the top of his game, J Diamondz recently released his new single “Gully so Gully.” He also has new music out with several of the cast members from the Love & Hip Hop franchises. With his career looking very promising, the Gully Side rapper says he’s surely the “Senior Freshman” of this 2020 class you should definitely keep your eyes on. Check out our exclusive Q&A with the rising South Bronx Rapper, J Diamondz.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would change the low level of creativity and credibility of an artist’s music and sound in these times back to the high standards the industry used to enforce on artists back in the 90’s. You had to really be able to spit, you had to have the credibility and streets behind you as well, you had to be believable to everyone who listened to you, nowadays all these rappers sound exactly the same!! They are not even trying to sound different from one another! They all came with the same sound and flow, rap was never like this! A Lot of these dudes wouldn’t get the time of day much less chance to be in the industry right now but who am I to judge. 

During times of adversity, how did you continue to connect with your music?

I continued to connect by listening to my music daily! New and old songs, And by listening to new and seasoned artists keeping my flow tight and bars sharp! Cause if you lose that connection it can take a while to get it back your brain will start slipping and you’ll disconnect and fall off your game. 

What first got you into music?

What first got me into music was my love for the music and its expressive artform, the way a song was well structured from track to lyrics making your head bop when you hear a dope record. Then it was the imagery in the videos with their many different creative depictions of life both real and fictional. 

What made you choose to become an artist?

I chose to become an artist because I grew up around family members and friends deejaying and freestyling over beats back in the sound system clash days. I grew up in a Jamaican cultured household even though I was born here, my parents are from Jamaica and they always threw party’s or brung me and my siblings to parties in parks and blocks where I would silently soak in the music. When I was around twelve having just gotten cable tv, I would watch Mtv & Bet idolizing the rappers with the big gold chains, money, cars & women wanting to live the same lifestyle like them (laughs). 

Who inspired you to make music?

A Jamaican dancehall veteran icon artist named Bounty killer, who was just on Swiss Beatz & Timberlands Verzuz clashing with king Beenie Man. My step father would bring in and play sound clash mixtapes which featured the upcoming young Bounty killer at the time and I was immediately captivated by his gangster voice and flow and wanted to be like him, but my Jamaican accent wasn’t on point then (laughs) so dancehall didn’t work out for me as a young kid so I went over to hip hop and began writing raps in my american english language (laughs). 

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I would describe the music I typically create as creative! I always try to find a hot topic and flow along with a banging beat to deliver a hot well composed song on concept! I said so because 95% of these rappers are rapping about the same thing in every song! Money, guns, cars, drugs and hoes. They have no structured concepts at all. 

What is your creative process like?

My creative process is listening to a beat of my liking over and over again till I catch a concept and a vibe, then I’ll start with the hook make sure its catchy then start on the verses, but I usually like to drive or hang outside and get a buzz off my surroundings while thinking of lyrics to write. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

That’s a hard one because I would like to collaborate with so many artists. I respect and admire a lot of them, so it’s hard to just name one! There are so many I would love to do songs with. 

What is your favorite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform right now would be “For the likes” I just love that beat! The vibes it gives me on stage when I’m performing is rockstar’ish! People will just hear it and catch the hook immediately and sing along with me, I love that shit I mean which artist doesn’t? 

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be? 

I don’t discriminate. I’ll open for any artist who’s popping and buzzing heavy with a strong following, if I can potentially get a few fans out they crowd to rock out with me and become fans of me as well is all the better for me (laughs).

Featured Image courtesy of J Diamondz