Following the successful release of his latest project, S2D2, Vol 2, R&B artist & Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jermaine Elliott unleashes his new single “Carried Away”, out now. Download & Stream here.

Carried Away delves into the complexities of a deteriorating relationship, showcasing Elliott’s exceptional ability to blend captivating melodies with profoundly personal storytelling. The single is born from a place of introspection and raw emotion, inspired by the struggles faced in a declining relationship. 

Collaborating with Viddy On The Beat, Elliott lays bare the toxic dynamics that can transform love into a battlefield, highlighting how betrayal and disrespect can lead to a profound sense of alienation. He also combines his insightful lyricism with compelling production to create a track that not only addresses the pains of love gone awry but also empowers individuals to stand firm in their values.

The new single serves as a follow-up to his critically acclaimed project S2D2, Vol 2, further cementing his reputation for creating music that resonates on a profound level with listeners. As Carried Away resonates with music enthusiasts around the globe, Jermaine Elliott proves once again why he is an artist to watch.


Jermaine Elliott stands out in the music scene as a multi-faceted powerhouse, seamlessly blending smooth vocals with the soul-stirring depth of today’s Trap&B. His work goes beyond mere surface-level themes, offering a profound narrative in each track that not only reaches the ears but resonates deeply within the soul. For R&B lovers yearning for a refreshing sound, Elliott’s innovative fusion of lyricism and melody marks a thrilling new chapter in the genre.

Elliott returns with his highly anticipated project S2D2, Vol. 2, a sequel to his impactful series aimed at reigniting the soulful essence of R&B. After taking a two-year break, Elliott dives back into the scene, asserting, I feel like the R&B game has been missing that feel-good music. This second installment features collaborations with notable talents such as Dee Gatti, Allen Ritter, dF, Sprngbrk (A1), Jesiah Cherry, and Fabio Alonso, making it a rich blend of innovative sounds and timeless melodies. The EP leads with the emotive single Used 2 Be, a reflective piece on past relationships and the lingering curiosity about a former love.

Complementing the EP’s release, Jermaine Elliott unveils a captivating new video for Secure, the project’s standout track co-produced by Allen Ritter. Directed by Dan Lemoyne, the video encapsulates a vivid night out in the city with Jermaine and friends, blending surreal visuals with the track’s lush vibes to create a memorable experience for viewers. With S2D2, Vol. 2, and the visual storytelling of Secure, Elliott aims to resonate with R&B enthusiasts seeking depth, relatability, and a revival of the genre’s heartfelt roots. This project not only marks Elliott’s return to music but also sets a new standard for authenticity and innovation in R&B.

Download & Stream “Carried Away”

Download & Stream “S2D2, Vol 2”

“Secure” Music Video

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