Multitalented Award-winning Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor and CEO  Robert LaTruth’ Hampton uses his music and brand  to convey messages of integrity , self-love and empowerment to resonated with his 8 million social media followers around the world, establishing him as a influencer and successful artist with 11 independent music albums sold to date. La Truth also the Founder & President of Latruth Official, LLC, CEO of Fast Cash Records, Owner of Real Father Gang (RFG) Clothing, CEO of Humble Over Flex Clothing, and Creator of the viral Will He Cheat’ skits, which brought in over 30 million views and counting. There’s is a lot more for the ambitious father of two who has continued to beat the odds as a  cancer recovery survivor to keeping his spirits uplifted and flipping the narrative regarding black fatherhood, inspiring the culture on cancer survivorship and awareness, and educating potential influencers on the hard truths associated with social media stardom. If you are looking for the truth, read LaTruth exclusive feature interview below! 

What inspired you to make music and if you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I experienced a lot of pain losing my mother when I was just 5 years old. Listening to music was always an outlet for me to cope with the pain of losing her, so creating music has become my creative therapy. If I could change anything about the music industry, I would take away payola and provide more resources for indie artists to be heard on major platforms.

What is something you hope your music and work will be remembered by?

I hope my music is to listeners as it is to me, an outlet. Whether just for entertainment or therapy, I hope my music career will inspire people to never give up on anything in life. Many people couldn’t walk in my shoes with the obstacles I’ve faced, but I have overcome that and continued chasing my dreams.

If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would you like to play you and why?

I would like Jonathon Majors to play me in my adult years because he’s a great actor and I believe he would do a great job connecting to my life circumstances.

How do you handle the pressure when it comes to criticism or backlash via social media?

I just focus on my work. Everyone only sees what is on social media and not behind the scenes. People’s opinions of me are only opinions. When you know who you are, love yourself, and have support around you, the judgments of those who don’t know you don’t matter.

 Tell us about your journey of self-love and healing. Why is it so important?

I’ve been on my journey of self-love ever since the demise of my marriage. We often lose ourselves in marriage and must rediscover who we are when it doesn’t work out. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still healing. I don’t plan on entering something serious until I build a new foundation of who I am and what I want. I really gave my all in my first marriage, but it didn’t work out. Not having my mother and knowing what a healthy relationship looks like, I was learning as I went. I don’t want to carry that into the next one.

 Do you have a life motto you’d like to share to inspire our readers? 

Don’t allow anyone to have power over you or your emotions, ever.

Are there any new collaborations/movies we can look forward to?

In this new season, I’m back in the studio working on new music. I’m working on a new book and a podcast. Also, I’m in the process of releasing more merch and working on movies. Be on the lookout for that!

  Is there anything else you like to share with us?

Though I’ve had some success in my career, you have yet to see my full potential. I’m partnering with God to show that the best is yet to come! I’m now cancer-free and have a second chance at life. Black single fathers and mental health matters. You guys can call me Latruth aka Mr. Resilient.

Photo Credit: “So Official Show Out.”