Just today, Dominican/Caribbean singer/songwriter, Savannah Cristina released her debut EP, SELF-CARE. The Miami-based music sensation is here to provide listeners with a dose of soul therapy, which of course we couldn’t find more fitting during a global pandemic. We caught up with Savannah to discuss all things music, quarantine life, and much more!

When did your love for music begin?

I first started singing in church–a small Pentecostal church in the back of my neighborhood. I always sat in the front row and pretended to be in the choir. I first loved the stage there too.

Tell us what we can expect from your upcoming EP, SELF-CARE

The Self Care EP will include very vulnerable and honest lyrics about taking the necessary steps away from toxic relationships, habits and ideas. I don’t expect everyone to understand why I chose the topics I did, but I do know everyone will relate. 

Why do you think this EP is so important to release, especially during a global pandemic? 

This EP will be a soundtrack to many people’s experiences in 2020. We have entered a decade of sulfur flexion in literal quarantine. Now is the time to know self more than ever. The culture of escapism has collapsed in only a few months and will never return to how it was before for quite some time. My EP is ushering in the modern-day creative experience, looking into the mirror and confronting the things we have been avoiding. 

photo by Dennis-Leupold

How has quarantine life been as an artist? 

As an artist, quarantine has been bearable. The idea of remaining locked away is actually alluring for people like me. Going out was always something that gave me a bit of anxiety. Staying home keeps me focused on what’s important, my craft and my family. It is unfortunate that this virus has negatively affected so many people’s lives. Even now, my entire family is in Florida battling the virus. It’s something that deeply affects me but I try to find the positive in this experience. I believe that we all have gotten a little closer to ourselves and learned more about self-care during this time. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future? 
In the future you can expect more EP’s, albums and hit singles. You can expect many trophies and award shows as well as many months of me disappearing to go find myself over and over again. I do look forward to writing for other artists, as that is truly my passion. Be ready to read my name at the bottom of your favorite song’s lyric sheet!

photo by Breyona-Holt

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Featured Image by Breyona-Holt