June 13th, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) — R&B sensation Brian Angel of the legendary Day26 group has dropped his new single “I Wanna See”. The single, available on all digital platforms via Follow My Lead Music Group (FML) under exclusive license to Equity Distribution, is an intimate and romantic tribute to spoiling your loved one with all the luxuries they deserve. Download / Stream here

The single is the first offering from Brian Angel’s upcoming album, #IAMBRIANANGEL, which is scheduled for release later this year. “I Wanna See” features Bay area native Yung Lott, and the track is produced by Diny Beats, written by Traxx Sanders, Ike Jenkins, and co-written by Brian Angel himself. The artist describes the song as a “feel-good record that feels right for this time around”.

“When I heard this track, I knew it was it. The whole feeling of it, you know, just feels good. I felt like it was the right record I needed to go with this time around seeing as my fans haven’t heard from me since the Millennium Tour last year,” said Brian Angel.

The lyrics of the single center on the singer’s desire to lavish his girl with everything she deserves, from Birkin bags to Rolex watches. He asserts that if his partner is happy, money doesn’t matter. He is committed to showing his love through his actions, not just materialistic gestures. The song showcases Brian Angel’s raw emotional style and showcases the deeper sentiments of love and care that underpin all romantic relationships.

“I was in Atlanta working with my brothers on the new Day26 project when I heard Puff say R&B is dead. I understand where he’s coming from because love, vulnerability, and sensuality doesn’t seem to be at the epicenter of it these days, but I disagree. It’s alive and well. I just think it’s time we reintroduce being in love back into the mainstream. My album is crazy! I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!” Brian Angel added.

Stream “I Wanna See” now on all digital platforms and get swept away in the up-temp vibe and soulful of Brian Angel


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