R&B powerhouse Brian Angel of Day26, releases the captivating new music video for “I Wanna See” featuring Yung Lott via Follow My Lead Music Group (FML).

In the latest music video helmed by MPRS Media’s Geno, artist Brian Angel woos a woman with visions of an unexplored life. Set amidst an animated urban setting, the video engages viewers with a seductive, romantically rich world crafted by Angel himself. Moreover, the video showcases exquisite artistry and unveils a narrative that resonantly matches the track. Geno’s remarkable prowess enlivens Brian’s concept, resulting in an effortlessly blended fusion of visuals and melody.

The single produced by Diny Beats, written by Traxx Sanders, Ike Jenkins, and co-written by Brian Angel himself. “I Wanna See” is an intimate and romantic tribute to spoiling your loved one with all the luxuries they deserve. He asserts that if his partner is happy, money doesn’t matter. He is committed to showing love through his actions, not just materialistic gestures. Angel’s raw emotional style showcases the more profound sentiments of love and care that underpin all romantic relationships. 

Stay tuned as Brian Angel continues to sweep listeners away with his powerhouse vocals.


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