Sammie is back and better than ever! During a time we all find difficult to get through, the R&B singer/songwriter has just released a brand new single to get us through tough times.

The single titled, “Friend Zone” is inspired by true life experiences of the singer himself. Sammie reveals the inspiration behind the single stating, “I’ve been a close friend to someone for over a decade, and we’ve never crossed that line, even though our friends and family even feel we are meant to be more than just friends. Maybe it’s the fear of losing what we have if we truly dived in. Or the notion that what if it’s just curiosity, but no true romantic flow there? So best friends we remain. I wanted to write about how always being there for her during her trials with her lover, and in life in general, makes me truly feel to the core. I’m sure many men can relate, as well as woman who’s friend zoned a man for whatever reason…I felt it would resonate.”

“Friend Zone” was writted by Sammie Lee Bush and produced by 50 on the Pub.

Sammie’s new album is set to release summer 2020.

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