Through his music, R&B singer-songwriter SINGLTN has crafted culturally relevant, impactful, and powerful lyrics that continue to resonate with global audiences. From his most recent release “Never Surrender (War In Ukraine),” which has 634K YouTube views and counting to his previous hits like “Skin,” “Congratulations,” and “The Way” it’s clear that the music industry has once again been blessed with a true artist.

Inspired by musical legends like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, John Legend and Gospel artist Daryld Coley, SINGLTN quietly honed his vocals and served his way into greatness as a background vocalist for Alicia Keys, John Mayer, and Jennifer Hudson. Beyonce would later select him as a performer, and he carried her across the stage as a Pharaoh on the Ladies First tour.

To Date, SINGLTN’s music has drawn in over 3 million streams on Spotify. It’s a musical milestone that he credits to the timeless soul, sheer talent, and boss acumen he brings to 21st century R&B. His EP “Count The Ways”is an R&B love story. “Each song works into a body of work and when you get to count the ways, you realize that it was a love story from start to finish,” he tells Sheen.

Released in 2020, the EP features 5 singles “Congratulations,” “SKIN,” “The Way,” “Unlock Your Beautiful,” and “Count The Ways.” Through this project, SINGLTN delivered a style of his own that was motivated by personal vision. His music is the future of a new wave of what music will look like when the artist is in control of their project.

It was important to make the album because I wanted to bring back a nice concept for R&B. I felt like R&b was missing visuals and a strong concept. Right now R&B is overly sexual and I wanted to bring back R&B the way it used to be like when you would hear a song and get excited to see the visuals. I want to bring back the storytelling aspects with good visuals so people can follow the story, he says.

Earlier this year, SINGLTN joined forces with Sheen Magazine as a sponsor for annual Sheen Magazine Awards held each year in Atlanta, G.A. Having been raised by a military dad, leveraging his die hard sense of self discipline and business acumen was only natural.

I’m an artist who understands the business of music. I’m actually in control of my music – I own my own masters, I own my music, and I have my own label RB4 Entertainment, LLC. I’m a part of the whole writing process and I produce songs from conception to completion – from start to finish,” says SINGLTN.

SINGLTN knows real music and his goal is to bring back timeless R&B music with amazing concepts of visuals for storytelling. With over 134K followers on IG, the singer’s fan base continues to grow worldwide as he rises on the music scene of R&B and World Soul Music.

To stay up to date on SINGTLN’s latest and greatest hits, follow him on IG @singltnrb4

Photo Credits: Kendrick Garza