Legendary R&B singer WILL DOWNING is set to release a new single “Till We Meet Again,” on May 1, 2023.

This is not a typical article to share about a song from his recently released album PIECES but a new song that coincides with a unfortunate incident in Will’s personal life – the sudden passing of his 31 year old daughter Aron Siobhan Downing.  

“Till We Meet Again,” is a powerful song that sheds light on the issue of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

With a moving melody and soulful vocals, “Till We Meet Again” lyrics speak directly to those who have experienced and may be struggling with mental health challenges. The song offers a message of hope and understanding that will resonate with anyone who has faced mental health challenges.

According to Will Downing, the song was inspired when he lost his daughter to suicide in January of 2023. “I wanted to create a song that could provide comfort and support to anyone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, and mental health challenges, and to remind them that they are not alone,” he said. “It’s important that we break the stigma around mental health and suicide and encourage people to seek help when they need it.”

Having one of my daughter’s artwork pieces on the cover single of “Till We Meet Again,” is a special way to showcase how amazing she was and share her work as an artist with the world,” says Downing. “It also adds a personal touch to the release and make it even more meaningful to me.”

In addition to the release of “Till We Meet Again,” Will Downing is partnering with several suicide prevention organizations to raise awareness and funds for mental health support services. A portion of the proceeds from the song’s sales will be donated to these organizations, furthering the cause of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

With a career that spans over 35 years and 26 albums, Will Downing is one of the most versatile and beloved voices of our time and celebrated artist on Soul Tracks (A well respected online site for R&B).

He is affectionately dubbed as The Prince of Sophisticated Soul, with a repertoire consisting of signature interpretations of R&B classics like “I Go Crazy,” “Wishing On A Star,” “Stop Look & Listen,” and “I Try,” with original hits “A Million Ways,” “After Tonight,” “Sorry I,” “Everything I Want in My Lady” and the show-stopping, chart topping duet with Rachelle Ferrell, “Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This.”

His distinctive baritone voice has resonated in the hearts of all people world-wide and carved a unique niche in the music marketplace.

Will Downing also hosts a popular weekly radio show, The Wind Down airing on over 20 stations around the world USA, UK, Japan, and Spain.

“Till We Meet Again” will be available for streaming and download on all major platforms on May 1st.

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