R&B singer-songwriter Aqyila has been nothing short of a runaway success over the past couple of years. Releasing tracks such as “Pressure” and “Vibe For Me” to critical acclaim, she has now kicked off the year with the official video release for her latest single, “OH!”, out today via Sony Music Canada.

The music video, directed by Nathan Lau (Anders, Tobias), features Aqyila at her brilliant best as she reclaims her broken heart in a love story turned sour.

Penned in Los Angeles, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter is expressing herself with a passion for music that is evident in everything she touches. With cascading harmonies that allow her voice to soar, her relationship with the camera elevates the songstress to the next level. Following a theme that everyone that has ever loved can relate to, the trials and tribulations of a failing relationship are interspersed with her vocal performance. “OH!” sees Aqyila in her best light – strong, resilient, and powerful, she is proving to be the queen of her destiny with the props to support her.

“The making of “OH!” was so amazing and fluid,” Aqyila says. “That’s the beauty of music, when you hear a song and you’re able to connect it to memory, it means even more to you. I love when a song tells a story.”

The power of the sisterhood lies deep within and the journey that “OH!” tells is a delightful reminder that we can recover from the pain and the loss. An intoxicating beat and a commercial arrangement give the song more than some bang for your buck. It opens up a treasure trove of riches and then some.

Enjoy the ride as she stands up for her rights and demands to be loved on her terms. OH! is more than just an exclamation. It is a statement that a world with Aqyila in it is a much better place to live.

Watch the official music video for “OH!” here: