In Lieu of COVID-19 we could all be quite a bit on edge with the simple fact of not knowing what’s to come next. The one thing that we know for sure is that people needing shelter is a necessity. Rather that’s an apartment home, condo, multifamily unit or just an extra crib. We’ve heard over and over again that 90% of wealth is obtained thru real estate. So the question we now ask is if this is a good time right now to buy or invest in property?

Real Estate Mogul, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Land > Labels, India Monae feels that now is a good time to buy property. In her newest webinar about real estate she states “The lending requirements may be tougher but the interest rates are still very low. According to the interest rates are the lowest they have been in 50 years. Her advice to buyers would be to not get discouraged. “Stay diligent. take advantage of the lower rates and the eagerness for sellers to sell. Like all of us- they need the extra cash for security. Buyers who weren’t serious have dropped off so there’s less competition. All of this is in your favor but stay knowledgeable, there’s still a lot of changes being made regarding lending, daily. So pay attention.”


India knows first hand the need for stability. She advocates for buying Cash-flowing assets first that can then pay for the liabilities. Her motto is that “Life is Short but, Ownership is a Priority.” India created her company Land > Labels based around the premise that Real Estate lays the Foundation to Wealth. Her vision for the company came after she was in life threatening car accident by a drunk driver who left her wheel chair bound. “It took for me to be in a wheelchair to see that I was working HARD but not Smart, and I needed to build STABILITY. I found that stability by investing in Real Estate. Within 2 years I owned several income properties and investing became the Priority.”

People are concerned more than ever about the struggles they may face in the midst of investing or buying real estate at this time. India suggests that some lenders are enforcing stricter borrower guidelines such as raising the minimum credit score and down payment requirements because of mass job loss and a shaken economy. They are assuming more risk, so the guidelines have to slightly change. “Stay on top of your credit score! Make on time payments and ask for increases where you can to help your credit to debt ratio.”

Millenials like myself are interested in where we should put our money in this next chapter. Most of us aren’t taught initially how to handle money correctly, where to place it and the importance of building a good credit history. India’s platform seems to be unique in the sense that she offers Free Online courses specifically teaching people how to make money in real estate with little to no cash or credit. “There were too many of my peers and family with $5k Chanel bags sitting in rented closets. Paying rent for someone Else to OWN. No assets of our own, nothing to leave our children. It happens too often.” These same sentiments are what got me interested in learning about what my options are when it comes to being an owner and building a stable lifestyle for myself.

Featured Image by India Monae