Just recently, Real Housewives of Potomac star, Candiace Dillard Bassett released a new single titled, “Benefits (Pt. II)” featuring Q. Parker and her soulful voice has us completely captivated. Of course, we wanted to obtain all the details surrounding the inspiration behind the new single and the release of her debut album titled, Deep Space. In our exclusive interview, Candiace opens up to us about the new single, her journey thus far, and upcoming projects.

Tell us about your newest single, “Benefits (Pt. II).”

I am so proud of this song! It cuts to humanness and sometimes, imperfections in our relationships. I think it represents a time in space in any relationship where one or both parties may reevaluate where they are. Am I valued here? Am I appreciative? Or does he/she only want me because of what I can give him/her? This song puts you squarely in the middle of those feelings when you realize that you aren’t not valued. That man/woman is only looking for the benefits and I am here to remind you… that you can be dismissed!

What was it like working with Q Parker on this project?

Q is just a great human. When we first met, and I told him I was working on my debut project he was genuinely excited for me and very encouraging. We had talked about getting together in the studio the next time I was home in Atlanta. I would have just been content to have him listen to my music and give me his honest professional opinion. I released my second single entitled “Benefits” to positive reviews and he actually called to not only congratulate me but to tell me how proud and excited he was because he simply wasn’t expecting what he heard! It was such a pivotal and special moment for me to receive that respect and stamp of approval from Q…Because he’s Q Parker! 112’s Bad Boy Records legacy, 1 hits and longevity in the music industry all speak for themselves. To have an OG see something great in me is incredibly humbling and makes me want to work harder. We were both really excited to work together after that phone call and Q was really feeling Benefits… and the rest is history!

Since the release of your debut album, Deep Space – what do you believe is the greatest lesson you’ve learned along your success journey?

I’ve been reminded time and time again as this journey continues to develop and surprise me, that I was never crazy to believe fully and completely in the beauty of my dreams. Along the way I’ve had countless people — even family and friends — question my sanity. When I said I wanted to be Miss United States or start a pageant consulting firm or a hairline or live my life on an internationally televised docuseries…or create a full and complete album and put it out for all the world to hear. There were times when I felt like my album would never get done because of the hiccups and bumps in the road and staff and management that came and went. There were some wild moments. Through it all though, I never wavered from my goal of putting out a body of work that I could be proud of. God put that in me and I had to see it through. My greatest lesson has been learning to trust myself, and I’m so glad I did.

photo by Antwon Maxwell

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the rest of 2021?

I’m really excited to continue promoting my debut album, DEEP SPACE. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I discover something new! Every week I have a new favorite song. I’m so excited to release my third single and visual entitled “Is it Enough?” This song is sultry and sexy and inspirational and definitely has anthemic qualities that will make anyone want to talk their ish! I’m also working on original Christmas songs and visuals and collabing with some of our greatest gospel artists in music right now. I feel like there are no limits and I’m going to continue testing that theory as far out and as high up as I can go.

photo by Antwon Maxwell

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Featured Image by Sophy Holland