Radio personality, life coach, and founder of the Single You movement and podcast, Reka Robinson has a message for women out there. In a society where women’s’ value is often tied to men, many single women feel pressured in numerous ways. In an effort to help women love and value their worth, Robinson created Single You to help women discover their identity outside of men. We caught up with Reka to discuss the movement, podcast, and what inspired the creation of it.

Tell us about the creation of the “Single You” movement and podcast.
This journey basically started in about 2017, and I didn’t even know it yet. In June 2017, my abusive ex broke up with me. I found myself at a crossroad, trying to figure out how I allowed something like this to happen to me. Again, the relationship was verbally abusive. I come from a two-parent household, I went to Howard University, I thought that I was a smart girl. I couldn’t believe that I allowed something like that to happen to me. I ended up going on a self-discovery journey and went to Mexico on a solo trip. If you’ve seen the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, in that movie she goes on her trip for a year. I was like, ‘Well, I don’t have a year, but I have a week.’ (Laughs). I went to Mexico and there were three questions I asked myself. Who am I? Who does God say I am? And how do I want to show up in the world from now on? I started journaling, answering those questions, and reading. I read two books there: The Purpose Driven Life by pastor Rick Warren and Gabrielle Union-Wade’s, We’re Going to Need More Wine. In The Purpose Driven Life, I remembered this quote by pastor Rick Warren, “Your greatest shame will be the thing that heals other people.” I thought ‘Wow!’ I had so much shame, no one knew what happened to me. That was something that stood out to me because I remember when my abusive ex broke up with me, I heard God say, “I will use this story.” Reading Gabrielle’s book, I felt like she was talking about me (laughs). I had a very similar story to hers. She grew up in the same kind of household but our conversations with our parents didn’t include what makes a healthy relationship versus an unhealthy one. I felt like Gabrielle could see me and I like that feeling. It made me realize I wasn’t the only one that had been through this. My journals turned into blogs and I am also a radio personality. I was doing a morning show in Washington state and come January 2018, I started sharing those blogs. My listeners would reach out to me and it felt so different. It helped and healed others. I heard what I thought about Gabrielle Union from my listeners. I felt like they could see me. I began to think, what do I think God meant about using my story. Those blogs turned into Single You, which is my membership program and podcast.

Why do you believe this is so important especially during a global pandemic?
Oh man, right now is the perfect time because this is a powerful time for self-discovery. What do you actively want when this is all lifted? Once this is all over, I hope you come out of this, knowing yourself. My message is to discover your worth so you can stop tying your identity to men. If you’re having time to spend time for yourself, ask yourself questions. Am I happy with my life, do I need to transition into something else? This is the time to do it. In our lifetime, there hasn’t been a better time to find out who you are.

How do balance life as a radio personality, life coach, and founder?

I think now, I’m a lot better at it because before, I was doing morning shows. I started my days at 4am, do the morning show, and I had been doing that for five years (at the time that I started blogging). Cut to today, I have recently stepped down from that position in order to focus on my mental health. It was getting too much. I knew that my message was greater than being a radio personality. I do mid-days as of two weeks ago and so, I’m still on the radio but now my schedule is freed up and I am allowed to schedule my life around the way I want to live my life. That’s how I balance it. What does Reka want? I told myself in the morning, I will not take any clients before 1PM because my mornings are for me. I walk my dogs, meditate, read, watch a sermon or motivational speaker, and I am feeding my mind with positive thoughts and things. The battlefield of the mind is another thing. I balance my schedule because I now make my schedule and it is so much better for me.

How has quarantine life been for you?

It has been a lot of building the business, which I love. Again, it’s been about feeding my mind with positivity. Whatever you focus on, it will grow. If this moment has been hard for you and you are focusing on the negative, I’m pretty sure your ride has not been fun. If you have made the best of the situation, your ride has been a little better, I won’t say fun (laughs) but definitely better. I realized, what is this moment trying to teach me? That’s when I made the decision to step down and focus on my business. I’ve been able to build my [what was then] my side hustle, my radio was full-time, and Single You was the side hustle. What I’ve been able to build with not even 100% focus on it has been amazing. Now, I’m like wow, I could have 100% focus on my business, and it will not only help me grow but other women as well. That’s the choice I made.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

The podcast, Single You just dropped. We’re four weeks in now. I want to grow it and share that my message of singleness is not a punishment so that more women can hear that. In 2021, hopefully by the end of the year, a book by me as well.

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