Music journalist and media host Tallie Spencer has launched a brand new podcast about love, dating, and relationships – within the entertainment industry.

‘Show Some Love’ podcast is directed by Robert Thomas and executive produced by Bianca Bibbs. The podcast will feature “a series of open & honest conversations, with Tallie and her special guests discussing their personal experiences, covering everything from dating to situation-ships, ghosting, gender norms, and other hot topics.”

For the first episode, Tallie is joined by rapper Seddy Hendrinx to define “situation-ships” and why they are so common in today’s generation of dating. The two discuss what defines a situation-ship and signs to know you’re in one.

Elsewhere in the episode, Tallie and Seddy discuss commitment, taking things to the next step, the blurred lines and expectations of situation-ships, and first-date scenarios.

New episodes featuring a new guest within media and entertainment will be released every Wednesday. Listeners can stream and download ‘Show Some Love’ on all major podcast platforms, click here.