Holy nostalgia!

If you were a fan of Bratz dolls back in 2000 then this will rock your beauty world! Revolution Beauty has just created a Bratz makeup collection that includes 20 products and I am obsessed! Products include tools, eyes, and lip products. It’s time to pay a little respect to the dolls that helped us get through out childhood. Here’s everything we know about the products in this collection.

The Revolution x Bratz Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $28) includes matte, metallic, and glitter shadows!

There is also the Revolution x Bratz Cloe Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $22) that features 18 shadows with baby pinks and blues, and of course the dark shades to create more dramatic looks.

The Revolution x Bratz Jade Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $22) is backed with vibrant colors from pinks to lime greens, I’m obsessed.

The Revolution x Bratz Sasha Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $22) has deep and rich shadows including champagnes, blues, golds, and even berry colors.

The Revolution x Bratz Yasmin Eye Shadow Palette (retails for $22) has Earthy tones including greens, browns, coppers, and orange.

The Revolution x Bratz Kohl Liner Set (retails for $15) has four kohl pencils. Sasha’s is a bright orange, Yasmin’s is a lavender, Jade’s is a pink, while Cloe’s is a baby blue.

The Revolution x Bratz Mascara (retails for $10) promises to give the lashes a ton of volume with it’s thick brush and dense bristles.

The Revolution x Bratz Liner (retails for $10) is your classic black liquid eyeliner that will give you that Bratz-inspired cateye.

There are four Revolution x Bratz Maxi Plump Lips (retails for $12 each) Cloe’s is a peachy nude, Jade’s is a baby pink, Sasha’s is a terra cotta, and Yasmin’s is a deep rose.

There are four Revolution x Bratz Lip Crayons (retails for $10 each) – one shade for each character, with different takes of brown hues.

The Revolution x Bratz Lip Care Set (retails for $14) will prep your lips for those lip products. It includes a lip scrub and mask.

The Revolution x Bratz Brush Set (retails for $24) includes four brushes with metallic pink handles and purple bristles.

The Revolution x Bratz Bag (retails for $14) is a bag that just makes sense for this collection. It’s a furry makeup bag that could actually be used for anything! The Revolution x Bratz collection retails for $10 to $28.

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Featured Image obtained from the official Revolution Beauty website