After basically living a year in sweatpants, putting on jeans may be the absolute last thing you want to do! Whether they’re too tight, too loose, rarely do jeans get it right. Thanks to Revtown – a performance denim brand that utilizes a digital tailor, ill-fitting jeans are a thing of the past. With the Digital Tailor, you can size yourself with 96% accuracy in just a few clicks.

Revtown is a performance denim brand that brings to mind luxury brands like AG and Joe’s -but at a fraction of the price of $79 per pair. If you’re truly looking to revamp your wardrobe, splurge on one of the crates (available for both Men and Women)which includes two pairs of jeans and three shirts for $218.00! These premium jeans are designed with the performance and comfort of athletic pants but with the look and feel of designer jeans. After all, a few guys from Under Armour are the designers behind the brand, which screams ultimate comfort. The brand recently released three new washes, soft olive, claret, and everyday indigo just in time for Spring!

Affordability is not the only thing that makes Revtown stand apart from its competitors; the brand is also super eco-friendly as clean denim is their priority! Revtown’s denim is made from BCI-certified cotton, an initiative to create a cleaner, sustainable cotton production. It ensures water is used efficiently, regulates the cotton’s soil health to meet high standards, and protects rights for farmers. Also, 100% of all waste is recycled into denim yarn or insulation for local housing!

“What I noticed over my last few years at Under Armour was that the athletic apparel industry was full of technical advancements in fabric and design, but when I returned to the denim world, where I started my career, I realized the entire industry had been stagnant. There was nothing premium for men or women looking for style and good fit in larger sizes. And there was no stretch in real denim,” Steve Battista CMO of Revtown Performance Denim. “Women’s denim has had stretch in the marketplace for some time, but it’s not real denim. Not a proper pair of jeans, so we set out to make that—the best fitting, softest feeling, most amazing looking pair of jeans that fit everybody.” 

Revtown has something for everyone. The Men’s Selvage is “Authentic Old School” meets “modern comfort.” The fabric is the highlight of this style featured in their signature Taper Fit. It’s a super rare blend of linen and stretch yarn, which gives it that “rigid look,” but it feels amazingly soft & breathable.

Revtown has officially changed the way we view denim! Regardless of the style, you can bet that the fit is made with travelers and commuters in mind and will deliver next-level comfort. It’s a modern jean built for its consumers without the hefty price tag.

Revtown is available on Skimlinks and ShareaSale.


Featured Image courtesy of Revtown