Rhoyle Ivy King is a stand up and stand out character in his portrayal of Nathaniel in All American: Homecoming. The complexities of the role ensured King to gain a knowledge of who the character was and how they would intersect. Outside of shining onscreen, Rhoyle is heavily into both fitness and fashion which tip into sharing the importance of prioritizing yourself. Dive into all thing Rhoyle…

What steps did you take to ensure Nathaniel is best portrayed on All American: Homecoming

The most helpful part was my conversation with GLAAD, who helped me to understand where Nathaniel and I intersect, but also where we are different. Then just a lot of watching some of the personalities that inspire her.

How do you incorporate fitness and fashion within your daily routine?

I start each morning with a workout no matter how early I have to rise, at least 6 days a week. For me fashion is inspired by how ever I’m feeling on that particular day, and it really helps me have an outward confidence when approaching my tasks for the day.

For those who fall short when it comes to keeping consistency in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what tips do you have for them?

It’s simply one of those, mind over matter things. You won’t always feel or want to work out or maintain those healthy habits. You choose to move beyond your mood, and that’s when you see change.

What’s the significance in how a person dresses? 

It’s a way we can say so much without saying anything at all. Especially for us introverted folks.

Creatively, what would you like to do next? Would it be more acting or any other creative fields you’d like to explore?  

Acting and creating in general. I always look for projects that are genuinely fulfilling. There’s nothing better than working on a project that’s so much bigger than you.

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Photo Credit: Kingdom City Entertainment