Richie Wess is a boss in every aspect of the word, and he’s here to bring that same energy into the music industry. Today, he unveils his newest project titled Last Laugh via EMPIRE, following his previous release Trained To Go via Warner Music Group/Asylum. The 11-track project features guest appearances from Rich The Kid, Smokepurpp, Jay Critch, Kuttem Reece, and his own artist Yung Dread.

Speaking on the project, Richie states, “I feel like anytime, anybody can count you out and put you into a certain category of a certain time frame. ‘Oh man he was lit, but now…’ Everything’s about relevance and always staying current.”

In Richie’s case, last year he went crazy on businesses. He explains, “I opened 3 food trucks, a restaurant, a recording studio… did a lot of business. While maybe one of my aspects wasn’t on music at the time: when I come back, I’m always going to get the Last Laugh. Because n*ggas still getting money, we still moving around. We can still do this in our sleep!”

Last Laugh came into fruition in 2 weeks, after switching up his recording process from writing to freestyling off the dome. He states, “I don’t write anymore. I used to write and think about shit, now I go in there off the top. Even the sound on this project changed how I sound sonically. Not putting too much thought into the rapping, going more into vibe and what the beat presents. Whatever vibe the beat gives you.”

In the title track, Richie spits, “I always get the last laugh, it’s funny to me.”



Queens-born, Tampa-bred recording artist Richie Wess, the CEO of YTC Entertainment, is one of the most connected artists in the industry — all while being one of the most consistent. Coming up as one of the 3 original members of Rich The Kid’s Rich Forever imprint, along with Fat Joe being his uncle/mentor, Richie Wess Has records under his belt with everyone including Rich The Kid, SmokePurpp, Gucci Mane, Calboy, and French Montana.

Exploding onto the scene with his “Poppin” music video, which did close to a million views in one day, Richie raps about real life experiences and events. The song was inspired by his own success as a restaurant owner and entrepreneur, with the video shot in the same location Drake and Future filmed “Life Is Good.”

Passion is the bloodline of the music industry, and Richie Wess is the artist that will continue to keep the blood pumping.

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Photo courtesy of Richie Wess