No matter the day or time, if you need a good laugh then HeyTonyTv’s page is where you need to be! The 25-year-old comedian, entrepreneur and influencer is absolutely hilarious and what’s so great about his comedy is it is extremely realistic! The North Carolina native says he grew up in a home full of jokes and laughter and that is where it all started for him! Things got real for Neville nearly 2 years ago when he uploaded a video to Facebook about how a job employer at a job that you recently applied for calls you at the wrong time went viral! The video now has about 7 million views! He has reached 84K supporters on Instagram and 1M supporters on TikTok. One of his most popular phrases used in his comedy skits, ‘YOU SAID WHAT’ has become a fan favorite! He even uses the saying on some of the merchandise within his brand! He plans to continue growing and sharing his humor and positivity in many ways coming soon! Let’s talk to him and get the inside scoop on somethings!

At what age did you realize that being a comedian and social media influencer is what you wanted to do for your career? 

Well, I’ve always wanted to be in entertainment industry in some form or fashion. I believe that I was put on this earth to make people’s day a little bit better. I have always been a shy yet goofy kid once you get to know me. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college that I decided to take comedy seriously as a career. 

What made you want to revolve a lot of your comedy skits and content around the high school experience?

Honestly, it wasn’t my intention. I was watching a TV show one night and one of the main characters had just gotten her car and showed it off to the entire school the next day, and I thought to myself “Man, girls at my high school really used to do this!” So I did a video about it completely unaware that it would become what it is today! 

What would you say some of the pros and cons are as a comedian and social media influencer? 

The pros: Knowing that I am making somebodies day, around the world, that I don’t even know better by letting them laugh at my experience that sometimes, we can all relate to. Which is why I base my comedy off the accuracy of life!

The Cons: Not everybody is going to like what you do or think that you’re funny. Social media now has become a place where it’s easy to access and see what people think about you. Cant let that bother you though! Also, you have to be aware that as a comedian, you walk on a very thin line. We are in a different time, things are moving forward! What might have been funny in the past might not be funny anymore! One bad move and you’re out of here. But if you continue to educate yourself and understand where we are with society, you won’t have that “uh oh I made a bad joke” moment. I chose to educate myself.

You recently started your own clothing brand/business, congratulations on that! How does it feel to be an entrepreneur and what made you want to go the merch route? 

It’s exciting! To see how far I’ve come to the point where I can create merchandise for my fans is extremely humbling! My fans and I are kind of like a unit. When I first started out on TikTok they would always hit me with the “WHERE IS THE MERCH?” So I said if merchandise is what you all want, then here it is! I have a lot more things I’m adding to my merchandise line soon! It’s fun being “The Boss” Ha!

Who are some of your biggest influences/inspirations whether it be in comedy or in life overall? 

Eddie Murphy has always been one of my biggest inspirations! That man is TALENTED. I have always been astounded by the way he can play the main character, their momma, their daddy, their uncle, the dog! All in one movie and it still be hilarious. Jamie Foxx is another person I admire, the way he’s able to be a comedian yet take on serious roles and make you forget he’s funny is amazing. Outside of them, my mother has always been my inspiration. She really keeps me going and on my feet and I love her for that.

In many of your videos you have the famous ‘Starbucks Cup’, is there a special story behind the cup? 

No special story! I think we all know that one girl, or multiple who show up to school everyday with that pink drink and somehow or another, it lasts the ENTIRE school day! I always thought that was funny, like how are y’all keeping this drink going after 6-8 hours?

In September of 2020 you hit 1 million followers on TikTok, what would you say some of your biggest reasons for quick growth and success is on the app?

I’d say because my content is out of the box and unique in its own way. I strive to create my own lane. I didn’t want my content to be like anyone else’s. I always add something special to it that paved a way for it to be different. I wanted people to see my content and go “Hey, this is spot on and actually funny”. I created something that everyone can relate to. Not just the African-American community, everyone! I didn’t really notice my content had crossed over, until it crossed over! If that makes sense. Ha!

What is your main goal/mission with your social media platforms? What is the overall message you want to spread? 

My goal is to continue to spread joy and laughter to people! I’m a positive person. Negativity is something I choose to not let be apart of my life, my career. I want to show people that I can do this without “beefing” with someone or always having my name brought into something crazy. I worked extremely hard to get here. So I’m very sensitive about who I associate my brand with. 

If you could give your younger-self some advice, what would that advice be? 

To be yourself and not be so shy! I used to think that being goofy was weird, and that people wouldn’t like me because I’m just a goofy kid. It’s naturally who I am. I was afraid of what people might have thought of me. So I hid it behind being “shy” for a really long time. I would definitely tell myself, “Listen, people are gonna talk about you until you leave this earth! Be as goofy as you want to be!”

Don’t spill all the tea, but what’s next for HeyTonyTv, what can we expect throughout this year? 

Haha! Well I can say that, I have lent my voice to an animated film I’m going to be apart of this summer. Voice acting is another secret passion of mine and who knows, this might open the door. A podcast with Apple Music could be in the works *grins*. I’m definitely going to continue to work harder to perfect my craft. Who knows, maybe even a Meet & Greet tour next year? Okay, I’ve said enough! Hahahahaha!

Lastly, were you always cracking jokes at home with family as a youngster? Did your parents see the comedic side of you early on?

All the time! I was the jokester, the prankster. Where I come from, don’t expect to joke on somebody without getting joked on back! It was all out of love though. No below the belt blows. It taught me that, going into comedy, you need to have a backbone or you will get eaten up! My mother always knew I was a comedian and so did my family and close friends. If I felt comfortable around you, then I let loose my goofy side! Haha!

Can you tell us what the secret potion is in your cup? Put us on! 

It’s a Mango-Dragon fruit refresher! Alright now Starbucks, I need my sponsorship soon! Haha!

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All images courtesy of Antonio Neville