Brandy Haze is back & introducing the world to ‘Sad Girl SZN’ with the debut of her poignant new single, ‘Circles,’ out now via Rich By 30 Records. Download / Stream here

“Circles” dives deep into the emotional turbulence of a romantic relationship, with Haze taking listeners on a reflective journey through her personal experiences. Haze has skillfully penned the song’s lyrics, making it deeply relatable to anyone entangled in love’s messy and confusing complexities.

The track’s intricate, emotion-imbued production comes courtesy of Txri Redd & Yahwah, whose past work in the industry has gained notable acclaim. Their masterful crafting of the melody and beat intensifies Haze’s stirring vocals, further elevating the narrative power of Circles.

The release is a sneak peek into Haze’s upcoming project, ‘Sad Girl SZN’, slated for a February 2024 release.

Stay tuned for more on ‘Sad Girl SZN’, where Haze plans to take listeners through the ebbs and flows of being a modern-day woman grappling with the emotional complexities of 21st-century life. This highly anticipated release, both lyrically and sonically, promises to demonstrate Haze’s tremendous growth and emotional maturity as a singer and songwriter.

Download & Stream “Circles”: 

About Brandy Haze:

Originally from Chino Hills, California, multi-talented Los Angeles-based songwriter Brandy Haze is primarily influenced by contemporary R&B, trap, house, and electronic meets pop dance grooves. For her debut project, “Roses,” Brandy Haze teamed up with Ian Thomas & Leven Kali to create a new style and approach to love songs. The project set a significant milestone for Brandy, whose talent continues to blossom into something special. Upon release, the single “Conditional” instantly became a cult classic featured on SoundCloud’s Artist to Watch 2018 playlist.

With four body of releases already under her belt, Brandy Haze is back with her newest project, “Silhouette, Vol 2,” featuring the singles “Anxious,” “Swing My Way,” and “Sirens”. The latest release boasts a beautiful track list of four sultry and seductive tracks that instantly fill the day or night with nostalgia and charm. Stay tuned as Brandy continues to entice R&B and Soul lovers & take the industry by storm.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Urban Fierce Group