Qing Madi is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and entertainer shaping the future of Nigeria with her unique genre-bending fusion of afrobeats, pop, and soul. Influenced by the lyrical arrangements and overall artistry of Kendrick Lamar and Aaliyah, the 16 year old is looking to irrevocably change the direction of the industry with her brand of Afro R&B sound.

Her latest single “Why” shot in Lagos, Nigeria is a throwback to the teen’s experience in high school. With dancing skills reminiscent of the late Aaliyah, the classically trained ballerina flexes her vocal range to give us a glimpse into her forthcoming EP. 

As a 16-year-old chasing my dreams even in my imperfection, “Why” is a song that was inspired by my hand sign and my love to represent Gen Z,” says Qing Madi. “I wanted to create something that will be relatable among my Gen Z fans and I hope it resonates with anyone who listens.”

Reared on a steady diet of hip hop and R&B luminaries Qing Madi’s music is a testament to her maturity, eschewing despair for lyrics replete with hope, escapism, and a profound sense of interconnectedness. On growing up she says, “When I was 14 years old I suffered from depression and feeling rejected and that was a terrible combination. I became a sad child and I wrote music to escape the sadness.”

While in Nigeria she was exposed to the music of Kendrick Lamar. “I was surrounded by my mom’s customers at her shop who were musically inclined and their influences became mine. One of which was Kendrick. I immediately found a source of artistry inspiration and I listened so close to his lyrical arrangements and fell deeply in love.”

Qing Madi was sought out and signed to Columbia Records by Bu Thiam, CEO of Buvion and EVP of Columbia records. The renowned executive whose resume includes work with Rihanna, Kanye West, Akon, and Lady Gaga says he “flew to Nigeria twice in one week to find the 16 year old singer song writer.”

Through it all, Qing Madi’s remained grounded. And therein lies much of her appeal. In a time when many rising pop stars have become further and further removed from the folks that they speak to with their custom made looks and unattainable lifestyles, Qing Madi remains a lot like us: a tender, tough, self-possessed young lady who puts her community before commercial concerns.  

When summing up what her music is about, Qing Madi offers a simple answer: “I have an unbelievable story to tell.”