YOUNG THANG” was written by Tanji Jefferson and produced by Ron “Slack” Jefferson. “The catchy song was inspired by my age and how folks down south like to call the younger folks,” mentions T-Lyons. “When I started doing “Southern-Soul,” I was nineteen years old and just wanting to touch the people with the sound that I knew best. I wanted to bring the excitement back to music and this song was a fun way to say that I can handle myself in this world of “grown folks,” he adds. The Southern-Soul audience has expanded to cover a broad demographic but it started with what many call “grown folks music.”

T-Lyons continue to add final touches to his upcoming debut EP, scheduled to be released later this year. He will also be embarking on a national promotional tour in support of his latest single, “Young Thang.”



If ever there was someone who embodied the spirit of Louisiana, it’s 21-year-old Traion Lyons, known to fans as T-Lyons. The southern soul singer has been making a name for himself for years through his 
extroverted personality and eccentric performing style.

Being from New Orleans, we’re very diverse and cultural, it’s the gumbo-pot. Everywhere I turn there’s something creative going on. Being from here, I just pick those things up. When I was younger I didn’t know what the culture really meant and as I got older I really just took it in and embraced it. I wanted to be a representation of New Orleans,” mentions T-Lyons

In the ever-changing landscape of social media and digital marketing, T-Lyons knows how to brand himself as the bright new star he is. “I study other people and how they post at different times or go days without posting. There was a certain look I was searching for. If I wanted to be a musician, I had to make my platform comfortable 
enough for people to get to know me and get familiarized with what I have going on
“, he said.

With new music and a growing following, T-Lyons is ready to lead the way for the next generation of Southern soul artists and show off his unique style. “The genre is going to be real big, its big now, but when it touches on the rest of the world it’s going to be major because a lot of people don’t know what southern soul is.”

Usually being the youngest guy in the room, T-Lyons has never let his young age get in the way of anything, even with the ladies, as he confidently proclaims in his sure-to-be fan favorite song, “Young 

“I am young, I am vibrant, I love to dance and have a good time. On my spare time, I enjoy adult dancing for a specific audience. When I’m dancing with older women in the clubs, they always ask, what a young thang know about this? We laugh and I continue doing my thing and having more fun. They expect my youth to not be experienced, until they learn and see for themselves,” chuckles T-Lyons.

Mixed with his fun and captivating personality, along with his performing style, T-Lyons is ready to show the world that he is a serious musician and entrepreneur who is ready to take the world by storm. “I want people to learn that I am a force to be reckoned with and very serious about my craft,”

T-Lyons continue to ready his debut EP, to be released later this year. 
He will also be embarking on a national promotional tour in support of his latest single, “Young Thang.”

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of T-Lyons