ATLANTA, GA- Summertime is here and we are all looking for those latest additions to our playlists. Look no further. Atlanta-based artist Shevvy is making waves in the music industry with her highly anticipated EP, ‘Nirvana Unlocked’ The EP not only marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning music career but also showcases her transformation from a syndicated radio producer for Streetz 94.5 to a rising recording artist. With her infectious sound and captivating lyrics, Shevvy is poised to captivate audiences worldwide. The EP features her smash summertime single, ‘Gwan From Mi’, and the upbeat dance track, “Steppin on Neques.” As the excitement builds around Shevvy’s unique musical journey, she is currently curating a one of a kind experience for her fans and listeners to connect and enjoy Shevvy’s summertime sounds while slowly building the buzz around her music. Let’s dive into Shevvy’s rise and what lies for her in the future

Shevvy has more insight into the world of an artist than most, this budding star bloomed while polishing her skill as a syndicated radio producer for Atlanta’s renowned Streetz 94.5. & Young Joc & The Streetz Morning Takeover. Working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, Shevvy was able to learn the in’s and outs of the industry and use those gems of knowledge to spread her wings as an artist.

“The transition from a radio producer to an artist is still in motion. Depending on what space I’m in can define my role at the moment. I love producing YUNG JOC and the Streetz Morning Takeover! Coordinating events and content for them gives me the skills behind the scenes to flourish when I am in front of the camera. I was very surprised when I released my first single “Aura of a Woman” and people actually took the time to pre-save and listen to it. Since then, this journey as an artist has had A TON of support! It still feels surreal when I’m outside and people can sing the catchy lyrics to “Poppin’ Off at the Mouth” or they smile and compliment my last video remix. It reminds me that I’m walking in my purpose and people are paying attention.

Through her transition from radio producer to recording artist, this has enabled her to find her own style and breathe life into every lyric, cadence, or beat. Shevvy brings a unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to create captivating music that resonates with audiences. The release of her latest EP Nirvana Unlocked proves that Shevvy is able to consistently deliver each time!

“Nirvana Unlocked” invites listeners on a musical journey that showcases Shevvy’s spicy Caribbean heritage, her versatility as a rapper, singer, and writer. Encapsulating sounds such as dancehall, and fusions of rap, hip hop, house, and pop, with her clever wordplay the EP resonates with listeners from around the world. Leading the charge is her smash summertime single, “Gwan From Mi,” the track embodies the essence of a carefree summer vibe along with the badass anthem ‘Steppin on Neques’ a bass filled house track that makes anyone feel like a BOSS! In addition, Shevvy’s EP includes several tracks that allow for Shevvy’s vocal and lyrical abilities to shine as she delivers raw lyrics with a touch of vulnerability. Everything from her production, visuals, and sound is made with Shevvy’s true and authentic self in mind.

Creating my sophomore EP Nirvana Unlocked was to continue my journey as an artist. I remember listening to my EP in my car, by myself, as soon as it was released and I thought to myself “Ain’t no stopping now. We are ALL IN.”

My goal in 2021 was just to make a song ; it didn’t matter how it got done, it just needed to happen, so putting out my 2nd EP is an accomplishment. You set goals for yourself to make yourself proud. AND I wanted to prove to people in this industry that I am not going anywhere. Being an artist isn’t a phase, it’s part of who I am.

page2image65251840With the release of “Nirvana Unlocked” Shevvy’s trajectory is quickly pushing her into major spaces.

In the midst of creating Nirvana Unlocked, I was still trying to find my sound. Still learning who I am as an artist, and what lane I want to be in. It was a self discovery, EP for my real life, and as an artist which is why I named it Nirvana Unlocked. Me and my producer had fun making every song and challenged ourselves with making sure this EP was better than my last.

She has garnered attention for her infectious sound, powerful performances, and unique storytelling ability. As she continues to captivate audiences with her music, Shevvy is already setting her sights on future projects and collaborations. Shevvy’s journey wouldn’t be complete without engaging directly with her passionate fanbase. She aims to eventually create a series of interactive and immersive events, activations, and campaigns with her supporters on a personal level. Fans will have the chance to connect with Shevvy like never before. Her dedication, passion, and authenticity serve as the foundation for her ongoing success in the music industry. Her transformation from a syndicated radio producer to a recording artist is a testament to her talent, determination, and unwavering passion for music.

“I want people to be able to feel the elevation of my music and inspire them to level up in their own lives. This EP takes you through a plethora of emotions and rhythms from melodic rap to reggae and pop. Within this project I was able to solidify my sound and still have fun with different genres.”

Her EP, “Nirvana Unlocked,” gave a glimpse into her creative evolution, showcasing her ability to craft hits that listeners can relate to. With her upcoming projects and promising future endeavors, Shevvy is positioned to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Of Shevvy