Never rush your decision. Never allow outside pressure to force you to make a decision sooner than you are ready to


Award-winning actor and producer Rodney Damon Collins is one of Hollywood’s finest when it comes to acting, entertainment, and bringing characters to life. Known for his role as Tyson Pierce in All American: Homecoming on The CW Network, Collins’ role this season brought out a side of him that he knows will help his fans as they navigate through the seasons of their lives.

Earlier this week, Collins took to social media thanking the cast and crew for a great day on the set as he co-starred on the binge-worthy tv show this season. “Grateful every day for God ordering my steps in the entertainment industry – it’s my chosen field because it chose me…” he shared on Instagram. Thousands of fans from all over the globe responded with hearts, fire, and hand-clapping emojis to celebrate the work of one of Hollywood’s best acts.

Collins recalls the day he learned that he booked the role. “I received a call from my agent that the casting director and the producers loved the choice I made in my audition. I auditioned for it on a Wednesday night then I woke up from a text on Thursday asking that I be available later that evening. I learned that I booked the role within a matter of 12 hours.”

It’s a show that I love and to finally be a part of this show was an amazing feeling. I remember when the show first started, that was one of the shows that I wanted to be on,” Collins added.

The TV series returned to The CW for the second season and currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with Variety Magazine calling it “a Big-Hearted, Worthy Spinoff.” A spin-off from All American, the tv series follows Simone Kicks as she leaves her boyfriend Jordan in Los Angeles and moves to Atlanta to attend Bringston University – an HBCU where she pursues her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player.

Collins’ character, Tyson Pierce, is a faculty member at the college. “He’s part of making a critical decision in the lead character Simone played by Geffri Maya,” Collins tells SHEEN.

Leading the conversation on making critical decisions, Collins tells SHEEN “What I know for sure about making critical decisions is 1- you need to step back and in any decision that you make, you need to pray, 2- you need to make sure you consult and that you have the right people around you, 3- Never rush your decision. Never allow outside pressure to force you to make a decision sooner than you are ready to, and 4- When you make that decision, be fully accountable and take ownership in your choice.”

Describing the TV set as a family type of environment with warm and inviting castmates, Collins shared with SHEEN “Arriving on set for my day of filming I was greeted by the most incredible crew. From the time I got off the shuttle each crew member showed an incredible amount of excitement about what’s happening and was very glad that I was on set to work with them.”

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Photo Courtesy of The CW