‘A Must-See Adrenaline-Rush Thriller Film!”

Romario Facey’s Texas Kill City, a movie he wrote, directed, produced, and stars in, is extremely smart and one of the best-made films of the new year.

The crime-thriller film, inspired by true events is also one of Romario Facey’s soaring directorial achievements with its strong influence on pop culture and the collective cinematic imagination.

Texas Kill City is a searingly powerful thriller that manages to keep the adrenaline flowing from beginning to end.

Texas Kill City takes viewers through an epinephrine rush as a crime-thriller film, based in Dallas, during a time when gangs ruled Texas. Skillfully directed and produced by Facey releases on January 14, 2023.

The ‘much anticipated’ film stars Romario Facey, Lucretia Johnson, Aubrey Kayo, Lioness Telaine, Patrick Murrell, Christi Lux, Brooklyn Johnson, Dominic Bonsignore, and Michael W. Green.

Facey, lifts the veil on the reality of criminal lifestyles. It is the story about Texas’ most dangerous gangs shared an unbreakable bond before a betrayal fired up revenge. Allies became rivals and members realized the enemy was in plain sight.

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When asked about what a thriller is, Romario Facey says, “A great thriller is a roller coaster ride. I like to think that’s a promise I have never failed to keep, and one I’d say has served my films well.” “I would say if you want suspense and to experience a thriller-rush, see Texas Kill City. You won’t be disappointed.”


About Romario Facey

Romario Facey is the CEO of Romario Facey Productions, an actor, writer and director, born in Jamaica. As a young man Romario was ambitious about making movies, he was 15 when he wrote, directed and filmed his first movie, which motivated him to create a few local productions, from there the seed was planted.

At the age of 20 years old, he entered a performing arts competition in Jamaica, and was one of only twenty-five talents who landed an opportunity to head to Los Angeles and compete in an international competition.

The 6’2 multi-talented actor-producer-director spends his time in-between Los Angeles and Dallas, Texas producing movies.

In 2017, he penned a deal with YouTube due to his tremendous number of hits that he received from his US debut ‘Texas Trap’ where he has over 24 million hits. Since moving to the USA, his plethora of film releases includes One More Chance at Love, Texas Trap, Insincere Twins, Forceful Touch and Texas City Kill.

“Put your mind and actions towards your dreams. Work hard and be genuine with your work. Research people who have achieved what you aspire. Learn from their success and mistakes. Always remember you are the only one who can decide your goals.” – Romario Facey.