Rising actor and musician Caleb Eberhardt, also known as Rosehardt, is set to captivate audiences with his latest musical endeavor. Fusing elements of hip-hop, vintage R&B, pop, and funk, Rosehardt’s new album, ‘the world gets smaller each day it seems to shrink’ (VERO Music), is a testament to his boundless creativity and introspective lyricism.

Produced by Rosehardt, with Space People and Joy Morales, the album reflects Rosehardt’s desire to convey the sensation of lost innocence and the fear of losing wonder in a world that feels increasingly constricted. Exploring themes of existential dread and personal growth, Rosehardt seamlessly weaves together emotive narratives drawn from his own experiences, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of navigating adulthood and the passage of time. He shares, “You notice less and less detail. Unless of course you search for it, but responsibilities and burdens have a way of cutting your search short. You might lose the desire to search for new feelings, or new sensations…you feel as though they’re hard to grasp…”

Rosehardt further explains, “The specific relationships that inspired some of these songs were instrumental in helping me understand how my thirties were going to differ vastly from my twenties, just in perception alone. Perception of the world. Everything felt as though it was preparing to crumble, yet your thirties are the time everyone tends to say things sort of magically come together. It makes me laugh, because it’s kind of both and it’s terrifying”.

At the forefront of the album is the captivating focus track “808 SHIMMY,” a mesmerizing journey through a hazy soundscape adorned with lush synth arrangements and deep basslines. Rosehardt’s velvety vocals glide effortlessly over the polished production, creating a delicate balance between dreamy ambiance and grounded melodies. 

Reflecting on the track’s creation, Rosehardt shares, “I’m really happy with how anthemic this song turned out. Wynne Bennett and I spent a few days together and this was definitely the one we saw the full vision for as soon as she played those four main power chords. I was in LA when we wrote it, so I took a lot of inspiration from the drives I was taking. I saw a clear vision of people playing this song on long highways at night, lit up by their dashboards and headlights from other cars. It’s so visual to me. And the title comes from this image I had of the 808 bass in a song being so deep and full that it shakes the car. So…maybe crank the bass settings up when you play this as you drive.”

Accompanying the release of “808 SHIMMY” is a visually stunning music video that artfully balances ambient lighting and visual contrast to evoke a sense of nostalgia and dreamlike introspection. Through juxtaposing vivid imagery of blood orange sunsets with cold, dark nightscapes, the video invites viewers to explore the complexities of romantic connections, capturing both the euphoric highs and turbulent lows with striking clarity. WATCH HERE

“808 SHIMMY” provides another layer to the eclectic offering that is Rosehardt’s new album. Previous singles three-dimensionalize his creativity and speak to his varied influences, from the groovy yet intellectual track “The Navidson Record” to his standout collaboration “Baby Love” with GRAMMY-nominated artist Masego. But a song that holds a special place in his heart is “~Oceana~” which was written in honor of his home of San Francisco. He muses, “I truthfully just wanted to name the things I was nostalgic for. So as I began to write, I realized that the meter in which I was writing found its rhythm outside of rhyme, so it freed me up to do just that, list all the things I could recall in that moment about my childhood growing up in SF. Natives will recognize things like “sunset”, “kirkham, judah, irving”, “1 down California, 2-8 straight down 19th”… it was important to me to name things that people from SF would hear and feel connected to. It’s been so long since I’ve considered myself a resident of that place, ~Oceana~ was my way of saying ‘I still love you. So so much’.”



  1. i don’t have much time
  2. Baby Love ft. Masego
  3. Hunted
  4. cheat code
  5. u remind me of the babe
  6. The Navidson Record
  7. Amnesia
  8. headass
  9. [t__n flame]
  10. 808 SHIMMY
  11. ~Oceana~
  12. Satellites
  13. Tell Me How You Fight The Wilderness Alone

While preparing for the new album, Rosehardt simultaneously maintains a thriving career as an actor. He is currently making a splash for his role in the Broadway revival of An Enemy of The People with stars Jeremy Strong (Succession), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), and Victoria Pedretti (You, The Haunting). The play opened to acclaim, receiving positive reviews across the board. Of Rosehardt, The New Yorker said his character was “played in sharp, ironic, and deadly accurate style” and Slant Magazine raved about his performance, ‘But it’s Caleb Eberhardt, magnetic in a series of radically varied recent roles (Choir Boy, The Comeuppance, On Sugarland), who makes the strongest impression among the ensemble.” 

He earned a 2024 Drama League Award nomination for Distinguished Performance for his work in both The Comeuppance and An Enemy Of The People. Additionally, he is set to appear in the upcoming film Chestnut, starring alongside Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), Rachel Keller (Legion), and Danny Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick), which will hit select theaters on June 21st and be available on-demand July 2nd.

With his boundless creativity, unwavering dedication, and magnetic stage presence, Rosehardt’s future shines brighter than ever before. As he continues to push the artistic envelope, audiences can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable journey.


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Photo Credit: Alice Plati