Rotimi introduced the album, All Or Nothing, saying that the inspiration behind the project is exactly what it means and that’s why it’s named what it is.

He worked on it during the pandemic, saying it was the first time he had time to just focus on music. Before the pandemic, he always had to balance music with acting, etc., so he built a studio in his house and wanted to use the time to explore all his talents and ideas.

He described it as a “mash up of poetry and hip-hop.” He wanted to use the music to tell a story. He put his heart and soul into the project and it’s evident.

He also gave a little backstory that he began singing at weddings thanks to his mom. She booked him for as many events as she could and took all the money. The story comes full circle on the last track of the album, “I Do.” Rotimi called it “a beautiful wedding song. It paints the picture of love.” He revealed that making the track made him cry in the studio, and believes this record will be played at weddings for years to come.

The album comes in at a hefty 15 tracks, with features from Yung Bleu, Busy Signal, and more.  

All images provided by Lyme Light Media