The holiday season is prime time for baking.
But there are options for those who don’t want to do at-home baking! 
Husband and wife team Kenneth and Tamara Williams own Royal Cheesecake & Varieties. Ken is culinary certified and learned his baking skills from his mom while baking pies from their apple tree grown in their Detroit backyard. Tamara learned her baking skills from her Mississippi-born grandmother. 
Royal Cheesecake & Varieties started at a mall kiosk in 2013 for the holiday season. Now they have a dessert truck, a bakery in North Carolina, and online ordering for shipping around the country.

What do you define as success? 

Kenneth and Tamara Williams: We define success as being financially free, having longevity in the business for over 10 years, (Thank you Lord). We enjoy mentoring others with the experience we’ve obtained and watching them become successful. Additionally, being able to help the community and others in need is success for us.

What makes your bakery unique? 

Kenneth and Tamara Williams: Our bakery is unique because it’s an upscale bakery.  When you walk in, you get more than just viewing a case, grabbing your dessert, and leaving; you get the Royal service.  It will remind you of a luxury hotel lobby that sells desserts and an upscale space that can be rented for private events.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Kenneth and Tamara Williams: Yes, we do. We schedule one night a week as date night. This night is Ken and Tamara. Sometimes we have a coffee break, watch a movie, or try a new restaurant. We rest and enjoy ourselves.

What is your best-selling dessert?  

Kenneth and Tamara Williams: Cheesecake (Banana Pudding, Sweet Potato and Strawberry) and Sweet Potato Pound Cake

Are there any interesting or challenging aspects of running a bakery that people may not be aware of?

Kenneth and Tamara Williams: There can be challenges during some months. For example, in the summer your sales may decline due to travel, or in January when people are starting a diet/New Year’s Resolution.

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