A bubbly and infectious personality has helped Ryan Barker get into rooms to showcase his talent but his marvelous gifts have kept his name swirling after he’s left. In our June digital pride issue – we highlighted individuals who have not only been a large part of the LGBTQIA+ but also SHEEN Magazine. Get to know more about Ryan in below!

Tell us how you begin of styling?

Actually I was forced into it, my client at the time needed a full service team but we couldn’t find one so me being me I had to step in and do what I do best – CREATE LOOKS. We would literally buy pieces and return them that’s the old school way. (Laughs)

How does the right outfit impact your day?

Your outfit must speak for you before you speak for yourself. I love being dramatic when it comes to my style. Being a person of a larger size I believe you have to give it all in that one moment STAND OUT!

What advice would you give to someone hoping to be in your position?

It’s going to be many people that won’t value you as a creative however GOD GAVE YOU A GIFT & DON’T LET IT GO TO WASTE, SHARE IT!

What are tips you can give to those hoping to step up their style?

Stop trying to follow trends and stick to classic styles.

What’s next?

I want to work on my own line of Palazzos & Kaftans collection, and continue to build up my own fashion house MusesKloset.

Image provided by Instagram

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