S3nsi Molly is officially independent, doing things on her own terms without needing a label or management to report to. To celebrate, she unleashes her highly-anticipated project titled 50 Shades of Paid on her 23rd birthday! The 10-track mixtape speaks volumes to her talents as a rapper, hustler, and overall bad bitch.

Speaking on the title of the project, the Texas native states, “I want fans to know that I’m back and I’ve been working on different ways to maintain my lifestyle and stay happy. What inspired the title was me finding ways to make money, maintain my lifestyle, and perfect my craft.”

50 Shades of Paid arrives on the heels of her most recent collaboration with Soulja Boy on “50 Shades,” as well as her standout single “Walk Thru.”


S3nsi Molly is here to prove she can rap as well as the elites in the industry. Hailing from Arlington, Texas, and equipped with all the pretty girl swag that comes from that particular home state, Molly (real name Marissa White) is here to make music and turn up.

After signing to one of music’s most reputable labels, Def Jam, Molly is excited as ever to be stepping into the limelight as an independent artist. Exploding onto the scene with her record “223” alongside Lil Brook, she quickly built a core fanbase that not only listens to Molly’s music, but appreciates her down-to-earth personality and comical sense of humor.

With the release of 50 Shades of Paid, Molly continues to strive for excellence, reminding listeners to get in their bag and go after their wildest dreams.