When the lights dimmed at Loosie’s in New York City on September 7th, it wasn’t just another New York Fashion Week event; it was a night of music, fashion, and pure star power. Hosted by Sean Dickerson alongside Teyana Taylor, Draya Michelle, Julien Edwards, and J Ryan, Saadiq‘s NYFW listening party set the city ablaze.

Diddy’s Musical Extravaganza

The spotlight of the evening was undoubtedly Diddy, who chose this glamorous occasion to introduce his highly anticipated album, “The Love Album: Off the Grid.” As the first notes filled the air, the atmosphere crackled with excitement. This musical masterpiece promises to be a game-changer, and the lucky attendees were among the first to experience its soulful beats and heartfelt lyrics.

Check out the tracklist of The Love Album: Off the Grid below:

  1. “Brought My Love” – Diddy ft. The Dream and Herb Alpert
  2. “What’s Love” – Diddy, Nova Wav
  3. “Deliver Me” – Diddy, Dirty Money, Busta Rhymes, Dawn Richard and Kalenna
  4. “Stay A While” – Diddy, Nija
  5. “Homecoming” – Diddy, Jozzy
  6. “Pick Up” – Diddy, Jacquees ft. Fabolous
  7. “Tough Love” – Diddy ft. Swae Lee
  8. “Stay Long” – Diddy ft. Summer Walker
  9. “Belongs to You” – Diddy, Jozzy
  10. “Another One Of Me” – Diddy ft. The Weeknd, French Montana and 21 Savage
  12. “Moments” – Diddy ft. Justin Bieber
  13. “Need Somebody” – Diddy ft. Jasmine Sullivan
  14. “Mind Ya Business” – Diddy ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Kehlani
  15. “Nasty Interlude” – Jozzy
  16. “Reachin” – Diddy ft. Ty Dolla $ign and Coco Jones
  17. “Stay part 1” – Diddy, Kalan.FrFr and K-Ci
  18. “I Like” – Diddy ft. Mary J Blige
  19. “Closer to God” – Diddy ft. Teyana Taylor
  20. “BooHoo” – Diddy ft. Jeremih
  21. “Interlude” – Burna Boy Interlude
  22. “Kim Porter” – Diddy and Babyface ft. John Legend
  23. “Space” – Diddy ft. H.E.R.


Star-Studded Guest List

The guest list read like a who’s who of the entertainment industry. Singer and actress Halle Bailey graced the event with her presence. DDG, the rising rap sensation, added his signature flair to the evening, while Central Cee brought a touch of British charm to the mix.

But it wasn’t just musicians who joined the festivities. Academy Award-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya, fresh off his remarkable performances, mingled with the crowd. It was clear that everyone wanted to be part of this remarkable evening.

Fashion Meets Music

NYFW always brings together the fashion and music worlds, and this event was no exception. The venue itself was a testament to style, with Loosie’s chic decor providing the perfect backdrop for the night. Attendees showed off their unique fashion sense and it was a visual feast for all.

The Soundtrack of a New Era

As “The Love Album: Off the Grid” played on, it became clear that Diddy had created something extraordinary. Each track carried the weight of personal experience, weaving tales of love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. The audience was moved, dancing to the infectious beats and connecting with the heartfelt lyrics.

A Night to Remember

Saadiq’s NYFW listening party at Loosie’s was more than just a musical soirée; it was a testament to the enduring power of music, fashion, and culture. With luminaries like Diddy, Teyana Taylor, Draya Michelle, Sean Dickerson, Julien Edwards, J Ryan, Halle Bailey, DDG, Central Cee, and Daniel Kaluuya in attendance, it’s a night that will be remembered for years to come.

As the event concluded and the city lights beckoned, one thing was certain – the influence of this musical masterpiece and the energy of this star-studded night would continue to resonate long after the final note had faded.