How can we as a people believe Justin Timberlake, WoahVicky, and Chet Hanks, and so many non POCs when they say that they understand, sympathize, and empathize with our plight as black people in America, when these same non POCs clearly see the injustice happening in our society, yet they choose to remain silent. How many times do they have to see an innocent BLACK PERSON be blamed for their own death? They can come to “the cookout”, they come to our parties, they come to the award shows; however, when do they come to our marches, our discussions about injustice, or our the townhall meetings where we fight for our rights.

Every day there is a new hashtag we must remember. We are forced to repost the names of innocent black souls who lost their lives due to a senseless act of violence perpetuated by the police, just like BREONNA TAYLOR, a young woman who was killed by police in her home by mistake. In a time where people are beginning to speak out against these egregious acts, where are our white counterparts? Why are they staying silent? Why are they hiding their faces? Why are they muting their comments? We are lucky to have people like Amanda Seales and Shaun King, who constantly push for police reform and shed light on disturbing situations that POC go through in America that we might not be aware of. If it does not fit into their TikTok time, or if it is not a new dance challenge that is sweeping across social media, you do not hear a word from non POCs, until WE start shouting for justice. The only way to shed light on the ongoing issues of POCs in America is if we do it ourselves. WE ARE ALL WE GOT!

COVID-19 has really opened our eyes to what we already knew but were so to blind to see. Black and brown people are being treated like second class citizens in America, no matter where they go. However, we have artists who want to reap the benefits of our community but will not stand next to us and help us in our fight for social justice. White influencers will come to the parties, they will like post but will never use their platform for social injustice.

We have to stop inviting those that wont stand with us to the family BBQ. Our community will give everyone a spot at the table, but when will we hold these people accountable for their lacker lust support of the plight of black people?