When you think of cigars what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If it’s not exclusive you have some homework to do. I am honored to share space with some of Atlanta’s top cigar connoisseurs as they gather to celebrate Atlanta’s 7th Annual Cigar Week.
If you thought riding a bike was hard, try training your palate to navigate through the complexity of cigars. Luckily, ACW founders Henry Stokes, Octavia Toliver, and Tony Hall curated a week of events to jump-start any beginner. Don’t know what to pair your cigar with? There’s a class for that. Interested in learning how to wrap a cigar? There’s a class for that. Just want to meet like-minded individuals and expand your social community? ACW is where you need to be. Seven fun-filled days of everything cigar. Truly a cigar smoker’s dream.
As the world continues to evolve with technology Henry Stokes and Octavia Toliver are not allowing the cigar world to be left behind. These two are working diligently to bring The Connoisseur Network to life. This streaming platform will give subscribers access to events and knowledge consumers were only able to access during ACW. Now only one click away. So grab your fedora, cigar, and drink as we celebrate the 7th annual Atlanta’s Cigar Week.