Icy baby, Saweetie is on a mission to make a change in the Asian and Black communities.

In an exclusive statement to ESSENCE, Saweetie shared, “During this time, me and my grandmother actually founded a non-profit organization called the Ice Baby Foundation.”

She continued, “With this organization, I hope to help out my communities, the Black Lives Matter movement, which is more than a movement, it’s a lifestyle to me because I’ve witnessed my dad and my uncles go through it and it actually inspired me to create my own foundation. Even touching into the Asian community, I think it’s really important to give back to the people who are buying, streaming, and supporting you.”

With current movements spreading across our nation, the new foundation aims to decrease the amount of hate crimes toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

In addition to that, Saweetie shared during Icy University’s This Is Music 2021 session that she will teach others on how to expand their presence on social media.