Although Halloween this year looked a little different due to the current time we are in, that didn’t stop some of your favorite celebrities from dressing up. Many of them definitely delivered when it came to the most creative costumes. Ciara and Russell Wilson, The Weekend, Monica and many more came most indeed through with the awesome costumes. Rapper Saweetie is one of many costumes that certainly turned a lot of heads and amazed a lot of fans.

The 26-year-old artist posted a series of photos on her Instagram page.

Saweetie recreated the cover photo for Destiny’s Child smash single, “Bootylicious”, released is 2001. The song not only became an international hit, the word “Bootylicious” was even added to the dictionary. Many in the entertainment and music world agree that she truly embodied each member’s unique style with her costume.

Her boyfriend Quavo and member of the rap group Migos left this comment. “Kill 🔥”

Fans definitely admire how he is supportive of his girlfriend. One fan replied to his comment. “@quavohuncho it’s the constant support for me 😍😍”. Another fan left this comment. “@quavohuncho ya girl aced it brah.” Grammy winning singer and Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams was very impressed with the cover and comment on her post. “Super Brilliant!!! 😂💕😂💕”.

Michelle not only loved Saweetie’s cover of the chart topping hit song, she also shared the post. She posted the video on her Instagram page with the caption, “Super Dope! @saweetie did a great job of replicating the Destiny’s Child cover for the song “Bootylicious.” “Kelly can you handle this, Michelle can you handle this, Beyonce can you handle this?” I think @saweetie and her team did a great job “handling this!” 💕.

Many agree that she nailed it. One fan replied to her comment “@saweetie YOU ATE HUNNY”. Another fan left this comment.

Kelly Rowland was very impressed and also gave her stamp of approval of Saweetie’s cover of the song. The Grammy winner and Destiny’s Child member posted a video on her Instagram page with caption, “You straight bodied this! Love you boo!❤️”.

Saweetie most came through with her costume and paying homage to Destinys Child. So amazing how she was embodied and capture each of them. Seeing her video and photo definitely took you back to 2001. It was like you were watching the actual video. “Bootylicious” is a classic and a fan favorite. What do think of her costume? Do you think Saweetie beat many of your celebrity favorites?