Our voices become silent when it falls on selfish ears. The wings soon flew in a puddle of wrong doings. The world cannot be another’s oyster when broken promises began at the root of all evil. The evil withered to the core of a mother’s hatred for being forced to grow within the speed of light. Rather nurture, rage encrypts on the baby’s accomplishments. Many cannot seem to understand the broken home has an affect on the innocent soul leaning into nothing. Slowly crept through the backdoor. Air collapsed onto the words choked against the tongue. Long winded on her own worries. Her battles were looked at as her issues that never began with her endings. We speak the same language onto each other. With the might of my last doing. I promised you a better life for the sake of our freedom. For the wonder we are to become endless when it is said and done. I promised you forever, a lifetime of embrace, for the sake of our sanity that’s kept by its own grace.