Summer ’22 just got a lot better as Jose Cuervo launched “Cristalino Nights,” making fans wildest dreams a reality. This is a chance for fans around the country to go on mystery VIP weekend surreal experiences. It’s inspired by Jose Cuervo’s Tradicional Cristalino, flavorful tequila that takes your taste buds on unexpected adventures.

Who doesn’t want a chance to get VIP treatment, ranging from first-class flights to hanging with celebrities?! If selected, you’ll be at highly sought-after nightlife events and destinations. The best part is fans will not know the fun they’re getting into until they’re selected. So, if you’re spontaneous and love Jose Cuervo, this is a match made in heaven.

To see what you could experience, here’s a taste of what you could expect:

  • A spontaneous, all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico City to take on the bustling nightlife scene in style.
  • A first-class experience at the highly anticipated Vegas UFC 276 event Octagon-side, starting the evening with a private cocktail party where the fighters are on the guest list.
  • VIP access to Firefly Music Festival in September to dance to some of music’s hottest names.

And guess what? Starting June 14, you can text “CRISTALINO” to 24272. That’s it! According to Senior Vice President of marketing at Proximo Spirits, Lander Otegui, ‘Some of the most unforgettable nights begin with the unknown.’

“With the release of our new Cuervo Cristalino tequila, a unique hybrid of smoothness and complexity, we are excited to celebrate spontaneous spirits and give away one-of-a-kind experiences to our fans,” Ortegui said.

                 To learn more about Jose Cuervo’s Tradicional Cristalino, visit their website.

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Images courtesy of Jose Cuervo