Meet Tiaisia O’Brien who exudes everything Black girl magic! She is the founder Seam Social Labs, which is a team of diverse, entrepreneurial scientists committed to impacting economically distressed areas. Yes, Black women can be scientists too!  The company launched in 2018, as a consulting service for the public sector. However, Tiaisia O’Brien began conducting research in revitalizing areas, and she realized surveying tools did not provide the level of efficiency that she needed to truly engage the public in urban areas.  Tiaisia O’Brien connected with Michelle Brown to become co-founder of the company due to her strong background in product development. Combining their expertise and similar passions led to the development of co:census.

Seam Social Labs launched co:census, a new software that disrupts traditional surveys. Co:census, builds multilingual, candid polls to engage surveyors via SMS, which in turn delivers transformational new policies and outcomes for a variety of clients. Since its soft launch in March, more than 50 entities have used the platform, including civic institutions, local governments, marketing firms, and businesses. Its launch has perfect timing due to the catastrophic consequences of COVID-19 and the need to fund underserved communities.  To learn more about co:census, click here.



Photos courtesy of Seam Social Labs