Dr. Nicole LaBeach chats with us about relationships and the new season on PAROI!

In the words of Queen Bey, “If you like then you better put a ring on it”. That is exactly what the goal is for the new cast of season two of OWN’s super successful reality series “Put A Ring On It” hopes to do! This season brings us three brand new couples who are testing out the bonds of their relationships by participating in the ultimate dating experiment. These couples, who have been in limbo when it comes to deciding whether or not to tie the knot, have agreed to go on dates with other people to figure out whether or not the next steps in their relationships should lead to marriage.

The new season, which will be airing on June 25th on OWN, also features relationship expert Dr. Nicole LaBeach. We had a chance to sit down with Dr. LaBeach to talk about relationships and some of the things that she feels should and should not be a part of a successful relationship as well as what we can expect in season two of the very popular, conversation-sparking, show.

Dr. LaBeach schooled us on relationship matters from social media etiquette to unresolved trauma of the parties inside the relationships.  When asked what her thoughts are about social media and how it should be managed when you’re a part of a relationship, she says that “boundaries need to be set and social media is no place to discuss intimate relationship details.” She feels that while it is okay to acknowledge each other on social platforms, that you should not become consumed by social media and that you should not look to social media for guidance on how to manage your relationship. With what Dr. LaBeach referred to as the “rise of the powerful Black couple,” her goal with the couples on the show is to help to create even more of them. She is a strong advocate of quarterly counseling check-ups when you’re in a relationship and says that temperature checks are important.

When asked how she assesses whether or not she feels the couple will remain together when doing the show, Dr. LaBeach says that she believes that “any couple that is willing to fight for their relationship and put in the work can have a successful and healthy one.”

While she was not able to divulge very much information about this new season, she did assure us that there will be lots of healing, revelation, growth, and, of course, jaw-dropping moments making this season one to watch. This season’s couples include Alexia and Darion, who have been dating for 14 years, on and off and after finally deciding to move in together, they are still deciding if they should get married or not. Then, we have LaRhonda and Jay who have been dating for three years and before heading into marriage, one of them wants to press pause on the relationship, and last but not least, we have Jessica and Eric who have been having issues from day one.

The new season will air tonight on OWN. Be sure to check your local listings for times in your area because, from the footage that we have seen so far, we already know that this is one that you do not want to miss!



Featured Image courtesy of OWN