World Graphic Design Day was just honored on April 27th.  When you think of graphic design what comes to mind?  Many think of visual art images, logos, pictures, websites and more.  Graphic design encompasses marketing, branding, print media and even web design.  Anthony Waldren of Starvin Artist Graphic Design embodies all of these services with his design firm in the DMV.  

Working with Ritz Camera in Landover, MD motivated Anthony at a young age.  He was presented with a customer who requested photo restoration services but Ritz Camera could not service him.  Intrigued by the service, Anthony approached the customer to offer to restore the photo using his new computer technology.  Although he thought that this would land him in trouble with Ritz Camera, it actually prompted positive reviews and new service options at the store that he was able to cater to.

That moment in time led to Anthony starting his own design firm called Starvin Artist Graphic Design.  From initial conception to final production, the firm can handle any design aspect.  “The key to good business is to focus on your craft and they way it makes you feel; and not the monetary reward” says Anthony when passionately speaking of his design firm.  With over 18 years of business experience, Starvin Artist Graphic Design influences others by their longevity and stability. Waldren reports that graphic design is now second nature to him since he’s been in the business for so long.  However, he may look to other artists for inspiration if needed.  

Understanding his demographic and offering rapid turnaround times have been key to setting his firm apart from others.  Clients range from small business owners to local government offices.  Timeline, pricing and quality are three key factors that Anthony says a consumer should always consider when seeking design services.  Anthony also encourages other artists to keep at it and always stay hungry for more.  For more information on Starvin Artist Graphic Design please click here!


Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early literacy interventionist and entrepreneur.


Logo Design and Photo Credit by Anthony Waldren of Starvin Artist Graphic Design