Multi-purpose event space and creative hub, SEED, hosted a private media reception ahead of its official grand opening this past weekend in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, New York. Complete with private styling sessions and sneaker cleaning for guests, Sheen was among the stylish attendees welcomed by Brooklyn resident and SEED Founder, Christophe Roberts. The tri-purposed space (it houses a cafe, clothing store and experiential art space) is literally the bright spot on its Bedford Avenue block. The bright lights and glowing neon signage call you in for a further look, which Roberts reveals was intentional. Everything from the aesthetic to the clothing designs and designers, and even the staff were meant to be approachable.

Upper Level at The Garden space

Greenhouse Cafe manager and native New Yorker, Juanita, served up a delicious dulce de leche cappuccino with a side of that familiar city feel. Right next door in the open event space, The Oasis, artists like Shay the Surrealist, whose art was a tribute to her grandmother, shared happily with guests about their digital work.
I couldn’t wait to pick the creative and entrepreneurial mind of the man who decided to plant all these creative seeds in Brooklyn. Creating a unique and innovative space like SEED doesn’t seem like an easy feat and Roberts emphatically agreed, sharing it was the hardest thing he’d ever been through. The idea of work-life balance isn’t much more than the occasional exercise and mediation to Christophe, because as he shared, there’s also a responsibility when you want to lead something like this—you know that it’s going to be tested, you know you won’t get to take breaks or sleep in like most people—you’re going to go through a war within your mind Yet, it was keeping his mind’s eye on the impact of his work, along with his natural problem-solving mindset as a creative, that prepared Christophe for all the trying times and all the no’s.

Roberts has a global vision for SEED but relishes in being able to plant his first space in Brooklyn as a way to inspire like-minded creative hubs to also build.” After living in Brooklyn for over 12 years, Roberts shared he was also inspired to create the space, which he considers to be his art piece, as the answer to a frequent question from Brooklynites of why there was no creative, cool, fashion-forward, green space in their borough. “I’m tired of other cultures coming over to do this, I’ll do it”— Roberts and his internal network of collaborators accomplished “it” and much more.

Artwork by Shay the Surrealist @smwallday

In addition to the goal of “growing the creative community” Roberts also intends for SEED to live by its mantra; “seed the block” by offering workshops and lectures on financial literacy, how to trademark creative ideas, and many more helpful resources to those in the larger community as well.

You can follow SEED on Instagram at @seedbrklyn