For day two of the Sheen Magazine Self-Care @ Home series, we bring you tips on staying physically fit during the quarantine. Not being able to get into the gym during the shutdown has been tough for some and for many others this time inside is making us rethink how we take care of our bodies. Whichever category you fall into, we have some expert tips for you from one of the best in the business. 

We caught up with Tamara Brown, aka, Tam B, for some expert advice on staying (or getting) on track with our physical fitness targets while staying indoors. She is the owner of Tam B Fitness located in Columbia, SC, where she specializes in small group fitness classes, personal training programs, meal planning and nutrition coaching services. She is PN Certified so when we say she knows her stuff, she really knows her stuff! 

Here is her take on how COVID-19 is impacting her business and how you can stay “Tam B Fit” during the quarantine.

How has this shutdown impacted your business in the fitness industry?

The state mandated shutdown has truly impacted my business, but not in a negative light. The shutdown mandated for gyms to temporarily close our physical locations; and I did, but in the midst of closing, I was able to shift to an online fitness model, using zoom to train my clients. Before the mandated shutdown was in place, I was hesitant about online training, because I felt like it was not as effective and interactive as in person training, but I was COMPLETELY wrong! Based on my recent survey, my clients enjoy the online workouts and say they feel like they are training harder at home then when they were in the gym. So the impact on my business has allowed me to restructure my business model and expand my reach beyond my physical location.  

What are your top three tips for our readers for maintaining physical fitness during this time?

My top three wellness tips are:

  1. Establish a routine that supports your wellness goals; don’t just lounge around all day because you’re home or working from home. Stick to the routine you had before the shutdown. 
  2. Stay active; with the state being shut down, and many people either working from home or being laid off, we are sitting now more than ever, and we have to remember to schedule physical movement into our day, even if it’s only a walk around your neighborhood. 
  3. Eat your “corona snacks” in moderation. Again, with the schools closed, kids being home, and not a whole lot of places or things to do, we get bored and tend to snack on more processed foods and that negatively impacts our overall wellness and weight. 

How do you think your business will change or be impacted after this is over? 

I believe that after the shutdown is over, Tam B Fitness will see an increase in membership because many people are realizing that exercise helps build immunity. Many people will be seeking a trainer or gym membership because of the unwanted pounds they gained during the shut down. 

What are a few inspirational words from you to our readers?

“Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution.”  -Unknown 

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” -Unknown

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