Being stuck at home can cause you to get into  a routine of sweats and a t-shirt every single day. You pull the hair up into a bun, throw on some comfy slippers and melt into the sofa cushions OR you march that same ensemble into your home office and start your workday. countless experts have said that it is important to maintain a sense of routine while the shutdown is happening. After all, you will be returning to normal life at some point and you don’t want this to be such a shock to your  way of life because of your new normal. We also think that looking your best can help you to feel better about yourself overall and kind of enhance your sense of well-being.

We caught up with Tiffany Eli McNeill, model and part of the clothing line LAW, for some tips on keeping it cute during the quarantine.

The LAW Collection, which originated in Brooklyn, New York  in 2013, and its vision is to remind us of our royal bloodline and our responsibilities as Kings & Queens. 

McNeil breaks down the meaning of the name LAW by giving us the important meaning of each letter;  “The L stands for Loyalty, to your people and to yourself. The A stands for authority- the authority  to make the right decisions in life and the authority over your own life to be the best you that you can be and the W stands for wealth as well as wisdom; wealth to take care of your kingdom, to give back to your community, and in each one teaching one because Knowledge is power.”

McNeill feels that it is of the utmost importance to remember that we are all Kings and Queens who are worthy of the throne and that it’s time to claim our Crowns back.

LAW has an Urban line that, McNeill says, “speaks to the vessel that represents its full true royal power, it’s not just a brand, but a movement, it’s our voice. it’s the way of LAW”.

She shares with us her tips for caring for yourself while still “keeping it cute” during the Covid19 shutdown.

How do you feel this shutdown impacted businesses like yours in the fashion industry? 

With the mandatory shut down and stay at home act, we would say it has impacted our clothing line business in a positive way. With everything being ecommerce and our online presence, it  gave LAW Collection plenty of opportunity for customer engagement which boosted our sales. People were at home, often bored and mostly online and social media. We were able to promote our business and get more attention to the brand.

What are your top three tips to our readers for being fashionable, even at a time like this?

The top three tips for being fashionable that we suggest are; 1. Keeping up with the latest trends. 2. Knowing why you’re wearing what you’re wearing and finding out the history about the designer, and 3. Feeling completely good about what you are wearing to exude confidence and feel like Royalty.

Share with us an example of a daily “quarantine fashion cuteness” for this current social climate. 

A fashionable face mask that matches your daily look, because you can still be safe while being cute.

How do you think your business will be impacted, even after this is over? 

COVID-19 gave our business a chance to be recognized as a lot of people were at home and had time to see what we are all about. IIt also gave us more time to work on our business with everything being closed, which gave us more reasons to stay home. We believe our business will grow from our current customers that we have generated from the shut down. We believe word of mouth will work for our company. We will continue to be an online presence and promote our LAW Collection on every social media platform.

Please, leave us with a  few inspirational words for our readers!

“Keep pushing and keep grinding, the grind don’t stop.” 

“No matter what goes on in life, you’ve got to keep moving and you’ve got to keep improving.”

“You either win or you learn you never lose.”

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Featured Image by Juan Carlos Guevara