Self-care starts with loving yourself and putting yourself first. Often times, we take on the responsibility of others and their problems, forgetting about ourselves and making their issues our burdens. Here is a list of things you can do to honor yourself and begin your self-care/self-love journey especially as we enter the holiday season and begin a New Year, let’s start by practicing new habits.

  1. Make a list of what loving yourself looks like.
    2. How did you love yourself today?
    3. Write yourself a love song?
    4. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” every day.
  2. Plan something special for you this week.
  3. Tell yourself you are proud of you every day.
    7. Plan a vacation if you were to take yourself to a place alone.
  4. Notice who doesn’t add value to your self-love. Heal or release yourself from this relationship.
  5. Determine a quote that compliments your self-love.
  6. Wake up 10 minutes early and write down how you will love yourself today.


This feature was submitted by Abeni C. Scott


Abeni “Celeste” Scott was born in Miami, Florida. She is a retired Army Veteran and has a Masters of Science in Professional Counseling. She is Co owner of a business brand known as “Positive Living” transforming distressed minds into positive ones by practicing mindfulness and meditation. Celeste has held positions as Case Manager, advocating for women and families in crisis, Program Supervisor, at an adult foster home serving people with mental and intellectual disabilities. She is an Author of three books including a bestseller. She’s volunteered at elementary schools assisting teachers in the classroom and at high schools assisting in the after school programs. Celeste has a Facebook community called “Thursday Talk on the Red Couch” encouraging and inspiring women to find and live in their purpose. Celeste is PR Director of the organization Camouflaged Sisters, a group of military women sharing, revealing and healing from their military experiences. She is also owner of a fashion boutique for women called “Dress up Room By Four Girls”. She resides in Killeen, Tx. 

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