Sephora is easily one of the many stores that gets me every single time.

It’s the beauty powerhouse that we all run to for our skin, hair, makeup, and nail products.

Well, get excited because Sephora has just linked up with Instacart in order to help you shop easier! Instacart has become everyone’s go-to, especially during the gloabl pandemic.

Whether it be groceries, pet supplies, or home items, Instacart has had our back during COVID-19. Now, they’re branching out and stepping into the world of beauty to help make things a million times easier for beauty lovers across the globe.

In their official press release, Instacart stated, “We’re excited to welcome Sephora to Instacart, bringing more selection to customers looking for seamless, same-day delivery from their favorite beauty retailer.”

To start off, Instacart’s Sephora will become avaliable for delivery in California and some areas in Canada. We know that in the next couple of weeks, this service will be expanded to over 400 stores across North America.

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