Everybody is back outside and the temperature isn’t the only thing that is heating up. Your favorite artists have been giving the music world some EHAT! I’m so happy about the music we’ve been getting for the past few months, this music has been slapping us in the face like a BBL in a Miami airport. Artists are getting back in their bag and been listening to their fans. This might have been the best music of 2021 so far, so many albums could’ve cracked the top five. Let’s review some of the best music to touch your ears since May 2021.

5. Back of My Mind by H.E.R.

H.E.R. is back doing something that we all know she can do which is make dope music. She has been very consistent, and she is continuing to rise to the top not only in the R&B world but the music world in general. The Grammy winner just continues to add more great music to her resume and I’m sure we all are ready to see these songs performed this year. On this album, H.E.R. gets real personal and gives her fans a piece of her life, something her fans can relate to. With the likes of H.E.R. the R&B game is back in the mainstream and it’s something beautiful to see.


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