Ashley Massengill has taken her pursuit of creating more successful entrepreneurs to a whole new level as the philanthropist, scholarship donor, business mastermind, and God-made millionaire shares her wealth of knowledge gathered over the years with others. In a related development, she recently launched Digital Course Recipe, her latest business, to teach people how to transform their passion into a profitable online course.

Can you tell us more about who is Ashley Massengill-Grayson?

I’m a Baltimore native. I moved to Dallas in 2016. Before I became an entrepreneur, I was working at the post office. In 2017, I launched my first company AMPM Credit Repair, which became a million-dollar company within 18 months. That was the first of many multi-million-dollar companies that I would launch. I started my first with no money. I over-drafted my bank account and then quit my job 1 month after launching to focus on my business full time.

Can you tell us more about the Digital Course Recipe, and what motivated it?

Digital Course Recipe is a training where I teach others to launch their own profitable course in whatever their niche is. I launched Digital Course Recipe after I launched my first training at the AMPM Academy. Which is a training where I taught others how to launch their own credit repair company. AMPM Academy was so wildly successful that so many people would ask me to help them launch their own digital courses. That’s where I got the idea to launch DCR.

How many and what type of courses are within the Digital Course Recipe?

There is currently only 1 other course bundled within DCR if you choose the bundle package. Which is the AMPM Academy.

How long are the Digital Course Recipe courses and is it an at-your-own-pace program?

DCR is an 8-week training. And it can be self-paced if you choose to log in at your own leisure and not follow along as a class while the training is LIVE. It comes with lifetime access so you can access it whenever you want for as long as you choose.

Where would you like to see the Digital Course Recipe in 3 to 5 years and those that have taken the courses?

I would like to see DCR launching courses for the youth. Where I’m showing young children and teenagers how to monetize their passion and tap into their potential.

What would like our viewers to gain from this interview?

That you don’t need a lot of money, a lot of resources, and family/friends’ support to get started. Sometimes all of that doesn’t come until LATER. Much later. What you do need to be successful is faith, consistency, and tenacity. You have to be learned to be self-motivated because sometimes all of your motivation and encouragement will come from YOURSELF. And that’s ok. Unless you have a business partner. Just get started. Do it broke. Do it scared. Do it with no support. But just DO IT.

How can people connect to learn more?

@itsashley_grayson IG

Ashley Grayson FB


Photo Credits: Ashley Massengill Grayson