Founder and CEO of Seventh Avenue Melody Shari Premier Skincare products are designed specifically for women like you who know the luxury of efficiency and effectiveness. While building her empire as a recording artist,model ,actress and businesswoman. Melody didn’t forget about her fans leading by example motivating them to follow their dreams and aspirations through hard work, determination, and self sufficiency. We here at Sheen are delighted to share Melody Shari’s journey in this exclusive. We caught up with the boss’ mom to discuss her Seventh Avenue Premier Skincare brand, who inspires her in business, the importance of versatility, and more.
1. Tell us about your skin care brand? What inspired your new line body? 
I started the brand to create a simplified skincare routine for busy women, like myself. As my business, the television show, and other ventures started to increase in frequency, I found myself in professional makeup more and more often. Although it was important to remove it at the end of every day, it was also important to have something that worked with little time and effort. I also knew I wasn’t the only woman who could benefit from products like that. So, I worked with a chemist to develop a facial cleanser, moisturizer, and toner.
Those products were a hit, and my customers asked for more products, particularly body products. The chemist said we could make it happen and we did. Essentially, my customers inspired the body line. I listen to them because they obviously know what they want. I understand that if I deliver what they’re asking for in the highest quality, we’ll all be happy. The product line is all natural, made in the United States, vegan, and cruelty and paraben free.
2. Do you have a favorite product, or any must have recommendations?
My favorite product is the body butter. Whether I have a little time or more time, the body butter always feels like a luxury trip to the spa. The product is lightly scented, so it lingers but is not in any way overwhelming. It’s formulated to be creamy and smooth. It’s thin enough that you can wear it in the summer without feeling suffocated but thick enough that it can be used in the winter to get relief from dry skin. It’s just perfect!
3. What are your tips for healthy, glowing skin?
My tips for healthy, glowing skin are simple. Drink water, cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, get your sleep, wear sunscreen, and don’t let things you can’t control stress you out. Water is so important to our overall well-being and our skin. No amount of products or quick fixes can replace this natural remedy. But once you have that in check, you can add products like those in the Seventh Avenue line. They will help take your skin to the next level. Most of us don’t have tons of time for a beauty routine and that’s why my products are designed to work in pinch. Cleanse, moisturize, and get out the door or to bed. Exfoliate your body at least once per week and follow up with a moisturizer and keep it moving. What’s more important than having an extensive routine is having a routine that allows you to be consistent.
 4. Where do you see your brand in the next five years?
In the next five years, I see the line expanded to include children’s products, hair products, and more beauty products like cosmetics. The development of a beauty brand is nearly limitless, and I fully intend to test the boundaries. I dream of offering a one-stop shopping experience for women who are looking to simplify their beauty routines with effective, top-tier products. Looking and feeling good does not have to mean spending hours and hours in front of the mirror. Women have things to do, and I want to help them do them as efficiently as they desire.
5. Are there any new collaborations/work we can look forward to?
I typically keep something up my sleeves, so there are a few things in the works. However, it’s too soon to share them. But just know that it’s only up for Seventh Avenue Skin Care and I’m looking forward to bringing more and more products, partnerships, collaborations, and even giveaways to fans of the brand. 6. Lastly, where can customers support your skincare brand? You can find my product line at . Everyone should also sign up for the newsletter and text messages. You can do both on the website. That way you’ll know about new product releases, promotions, and sales.